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There are widespread and impressive advances being made in mortgage technology each day, from advances in the digital mortgage space to emerging lending or listing platforms and blockchain advances that help remove biases in lending — plus everything in between. As a mortgage industry professional, this type of mortgage technology news is important to keep a tab on. After all, advances in mortgage technology can lead to dramatic shifts in the way that you conduct your business, no matter what part of the housing market your industry is in. 

You can stay up-to-date on the mortgage technology news you’re looking for with HousingWire’s mortgage tech coverage.

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The latest Mortgage Technology news

April 2023 — With the sluggish housing market, potential recession, and other factors keeping potential homebuyers on the sidelines, mortgage companies, along with others across the housing industry, have been looking for ways to drum up new business and stay afloat. In many cases, that has translated to making big investments into new technology to set themselves apart from the competition. In turn, fascinating advances are being made to the mortgage technology space, from AI-powered customer support options to new listing and lending platforms that offer potential homebuyers and sellers unique and advanced tech features. 

Given how quickly the new advances are emerging, it’s important for mortgage industry professionals to keep their fingers on the mortgage technology pulse. The advances being made in this part of the industry can have a significant impact on how real estate business is conducted, and you can stay up-to-date on the mortgage technology news you’re looking for with HousingWire’s mortgage tech coverage.

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HousingWire May Demo Day: Blend HW+

May 10, 2023By

Blend Blend’s end-to-end mortgage suite delivers a world class experience for both borrowers and Loan Officers while delivering powerful operational efficiency with automation and data driven workflows.  Product Fast Facts #1 Conditions Sync automatically translates underwriting conditions to actionable guided  borrower facing followup #2 Lenders can define specific logic and rules around which conditions should […]

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Appraisal Modernization: What Lenders Need to Know HW+

Hosted by Reggora

HousingWire is hosting a virtual event discussing GSE appraisal modernization efforts and what lenders need to know.

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How to take full advantage of the new appraisal options HW+

May 24, 2023By

Property valuation is a critical part of the mortgage loan process. Traditionally, determining how much a house was worth required a certified appraiser who manually produced a valuation based on their knowledge of the local market and comparative sales of similar properties. These appraisers physically walked the property with clipboard, camera and measuring tape in […]

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