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Best real estate apps for agents in 2024

Download from our list of the best real estate apps for agents to streamline your business, work with ease and efficiency, and manage client interactions.

In 2024, agents have two choices: Learn how to run your entire business from the apps on your phone or tablet, or find a new career. The days of running back to the office to write a tricky email to a client, follow up with a lead, or post on social media are long gone — and they’re never coming back. If you want to thrive this year, choosing the right real estate apps is crucial.

To help, we reviewed hundreds of options to put together this list of the best real estate apps for 2024. These tools can help you cut your speed to lead time in half, market your business, generate and nurture leads, and even leverage bleeding-edge AI tools to 10x your productivity.


Real estate marketing apps

Pivo Real Estate app logo

Pivo Real Estate

Monthly price: free with $399.99 purchase
Use it for: 3D tours and video production

Why we chose it: One of the most buzz-worthy apps of 2024, Pivo Real Estate is the Matterport killer we’ve been waiting for. Pivo lets you create professional-quality, 3D tours videos with your smartphone — without the monthly subscription fees. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Pivo’s AI-powered video motion tracking is like having your own personal videographer.  It follows you as you walk through a room — so you’ll always be the center of attention in your videos. It’s perfect for virtual tours, video calls, listing presentations, and more.

Best features:

  • High-quality 3D tours with no monthly subscription fee
  • AI-powered motion tracking 
  • Hands-free video calls 
  • Floorplans 
  • One-click social media posting

BombBomb real estate app logo


Monthly price: Starting at $33 per month
Use it for: Adding video to email marketing

Why we chose it: BombBomb allows agents to record, send, and track videos directly from popular email providers like Gmail and Outlook. Unlike traditional emails or texts, video emails from BombBomb let you build personal connections with leads quickly and easily. It’s also an ideal tool for working with clients requiring the personal touch only video can provide.

Best features:

  • Custom branded videos
  • Unlimited videos & recording length
  • Create and send videos from Gmail
  • Email templates library 
  • Can embed a call-to-action (CTA) in videos
  • Screen & camera recording

RealGeeks real estate app logo


Monthly price: Free app; Real Geeks subscription starts at $299 per month
Use it for: Generating and nurturing new business relationships

Why we chose it: While their websites might not be as flashy as competitors like Luxury Presence, Real Geeks’ mobile app is a joy to use. It’s simple enough for most agents to learn quickly, but has enough features to keep team leaders and managing brokers happy. With a 4.9 rating from more than 1,200 agents in the App Store, Real Geeks power users seem to agree with our assessment.

Best features:

  • Easy communication tools help you call, email and text clients from within the app
  • Pre-made email and text templates for efficient follow-ups
  • Pre-schedule follow-up communications
  • Advanced search options to help you find better-qualified leads
  • Team collaboration tools: Share notes to keep your team’s agents and brokers in sync

Microsoft Copilot AI app logo

Microsoft Copilot

Monthly price: Free
Use it for: Content creation, research, business strategy

Why we chose it: While our recommendation will probably change 15 seconds after this article is published, for now, at least, we think Microsoft’s Copilot is the best AI app for real estate agents.

Here’s why: While the output from other free AI tools is limited to data from 2021 (which might as well be from the Jurrassic era), Copilot’s free version has access to the internet. That means you can use it to create email campaigns, write blog posts, or research your market with the most up-to-date information. Or better yet, do what we just did and ask it how you should pivot your business to stay competitive after the NAR lawsuits!

Best features:

  • Internet access in the free version of the app
  • Can be trained on your data in Microsoft 365 for an additional cost
  • Built on the latest version of ChatGPT
  • Free to use

Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center logo

Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center

Monthly price: $59 per month
Use it for: Social media and print marketing

Why we chose it: Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center is a social media and print marketing app that offers agents a crucial benefit over Canva. Instead of generic design templates, LCA Marketing Center’s templates are designed for agents, by agents. The app allows you to quickly choose and edit design templates for social media, flyers, postcards, and even signs and business cards — all from your phone.

Best features:

  • Sleek, professionally-designed real estate marketing templates
  • Easy to use in-app editor 
  • Print-on-demand feature
  • Custom templates available for teams and brokerages

Zillow 3D home logo; an app used for 3D modeling by real estate professionals

Zillow 3D Home

Monthly price: Free
Use it for: Creating free virtual tours

Why we chose it: Zillow’s 3D Home app lets you create free virtual home tours with your smartphone. While the quality might not be as high as what you’ll get from a professional Matterport camera, Zillow 3D Home is free, easy to use, and lets you post scroll-stopping virtual tours directly to your MLS, social media and Zillow.

If you’re a buyer’s agent, you can even use the app to create virtual tours of listings your clients don’t have time to see in person. Think of it as another concierge service to offer your buyers to help you stand out.

Best features:

  • 100% free 
  • Post virtual tours directly to your MLS, Zillow, & social media
  • Easy to use 
  • No expensive cameras or monthly subscriptions
  • Can create virtual tours for listings or buyers

Houzz app logo (an app used for interior design)


Monthly price: Free
Use it for: Offering buyers concierge-level service

Why we chose it: In today’s market, offering concierge-level services to your buyers is no longer optional. The Houzz app is an excellent tool to add to your suite of buyer services, helping you stand apart as a professional home selling consultant — not just an order taker.

Whether you want to help your buyers visualize what an empty listing might look like furnished, help them find local contractors, or get them excited about renovating a fixer-upper, Houzz can help.

Best features:

  • Helps buyers visualize living in a home
  • Helps clients find vetted contractors, architects, and interior designers
  • Design inspiration and advice from licensed professionals
  • Collaboration tools to share design ideas with agents, family members, and other professionals

Canva app logo (an app used for graphic design)


Monthly price: Free to $9.99 per month
Use it for: Creating professional marketing materials

Why we chose it: Founded by Australian entrepreneur Melanie Perkins in 2013, Canva is still the most popular marketing app for real estate agents for a good reason: Canva makes creating professional marketing materials easy.

Using their extensive library of free templates and AI-powered Magic Studio, Canva lets agents create everything from business cards to AI-generated videos for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Best features:

  • AI-generated designs and copy
  • Brand kit lets you save branding assets like colors, logos, and fonts to use on multiple projects
  • Extensive library of free graphic design and video templates
  • Intuitive user interface makes design easy
  • Create and edit videos and animations for social media
  • One-click printing and social media scheduling

Lead generation and nurturing apps

StreetText real estate app logo


Monthly price: $160 + ad spend
Use it for: Facebook & Instagram advertising

Why we chose it: Trusted by thousands of agents, including Malibu agent and Lab Coat Agents co-founder Tristan Ahumada, StreetText makes the frustrating and complicated task of running Facebook ads easy. Using their intuitive app, you can set up campaigns and start generating and qualifying leads in minutes instead of hours.

Best features:

  • Library of user-tested Facebook ad templates
  • Custom text and email automation for each ad
  • Automated AI text messaging 
  • Facebook Mastermind Group with 2,400+ agents
  • Exclusive webinars and training content

Zillow Premier Agent logo - an app for real estate agents

Zillow Premier Agent

Monthly price: Free
Use it for:  Streamlining your workflow by consolidating leads from over 35 sources into a single mailbox, with variety of organization and communication tools.

Why we chose it: While roasting Zillow Premier Agent is a competitive sport for agents these days, even Zillow’s harshest critics can’t deny how useful their app is. It won’t replace your CRM, but for quick lead follow-up on the go, it’s hard to beat. It’s also 100% free for Zillow Premier Agents.

Best features:

  • Real-time lead alerts notify you instantly when prospects come in
  • Receive relevant information like property details and contact data
  • Lead readiness tracking helps you categorize potential clients
  • Call recording tools to record and store client calls in your inbox
  • Team tools to help you assign and oversee leads to other agents in your brokerage
CINC logo; a real estate a real estate app and CRM (or customer relationship management software)

CINC Agent

Monthly price: Free app; Inquire for CINC pricing
Use it for: Staying on top of your lead management

Why we chose it: The CINC Agent app is a feature-rich lead generation and nurturing tool that helps agents stay connected to leads on the go. The app’s bulk messaging and emailing feature is perfect for blasting out hot new listings and price drops as soon as they happen.

Best features:

  • Push notifications when new prospects find you, enabling quick follow-up
  • View, call, text and email leads directly from within the app
  • Mass message your leads, helping you communicate more efficiently
  • Property search and sharing 
  • Task and calendar management
  • Easy lead filtering for better organization and prioritization

Follow Up Boss logo; a real estate app and CRM (or customer relationship management software)

Follow Up Boss

Monthly price: Free app; Follow Up Boss subscriptions begin at $69 per month
Use it for: Client follow-ups and real estate lead management, plus sales streamlining

Why we chose it: Follow Up Boss’ app offers all the features you need to nurture leads without overwhelming you with options. With more than 200 integrations with popular lead generation platforms, it’s the perfect app to stay organized and ensure you’re reaching the right leads, with the right message, at the right time.

Best features:

  • Automatic lead management
  • Integration with 200+ tools and lead sources
  • Compatible with contacts, calendar inboxes and events on mobile apps
  • Make and receive calls and texts (including group texts) with clients
  • Pre-made action plans and time-saving email templates
  • Website activity tracking to monitor your prospects’ behavior on your website and tailor your strategy accordingly

Sierra-Interactive logo; a real estate app and CRM (or customer relationship management software)

Sierra Interactive

Monthly price: Starting at $499 per month for 5 users
Use it for:  IDX lead generation websites, marketing, automated lead nurturing

Why we chose it: Sierra Interactive is an all-in-one CRM and IDX website platform for teams that are serious about lead generation. The app allows team leaders and agents to send ringless voicemails, generate and nurture leads, and market their businesses from their phones or tablets.

Best features:

  • All-in-one lead generation, marketing, and lead nurturing platform
  • Automated text messaging 
  • Ringless voicemails similar to Slydial 
  • Single line auto dialer 
  • Agent subdomains

Open House apps

Curb Hero real estate app logo

Curb Hero

Monthly price: Free
Use it for:  Open house sign-in & marketing

Why we chose it: If you want a free open house sign-in app with advanced features, Curb Hero is not only your best option, it’s your only option. Unlike competing apps that charge $20+ per month, Curb Hero offers agents touchless QR code sign-in, customizable questions, marketing tools, lead verification, and more for free. 

Here’s how it works: Local mortgage brokers pay Curb Hero to display their name and contact information on your sign-in sheets as a “paired lender.” Already have a lender you love? Invite them to join Curb Hero.

Best features:

  • Touchless QR code open house sign-in forms
  • Customizable questions in the free version
  • Verifies leads’ phone numbers and email
  • AI-enhanced open house summary
  • Integrations with 2,000+ CRMs

Kagent real estate app logo


Monthly price: $25 per month (free 1-month trial)
Use it for: Create smart, QR-code sign-in sheets for your Open Houses

Why we chose it: Kagent is a novel QR code-based open house sign-in app that uses free prize drawings to incentivize your visitors to give you their contact information. To win the contest, visitors need to guess the closing price of your listing — giving you the perfect excuse to reach out when your listing closes.

Best features:

  • Incentivized sign-ins give visitors a chance to participate in a prize drawing
  • CRM integration via Zapier
  • Efficient lead capture and follow-up surveys
  • Data management tools like CSV downloads and an admin dashboard
  • Privacy-compliant data capture

Open Home Pro real estate app logo

Open Home Pro

Monthly price: Free to $20 per month
Use it for: Open house sign in & follow up

Why we chose it: Trusted by more than 90,000 real estate agents nationwide, Open Home Pro offers the same basic functionality as Curb Hero without the need to pair with a lender. While the free version is limited to 25 leads per open house, the paid version offers unlimited leads, customizable questions, automated lead follow-up emails, and a “hot leads” report that identifies your best prospects.

Best features:

  • Automated follow-up emails
  • Customizable questions in the paid version
  • No lender ads on sign-in sheets 
  • Open house reports for sellers 
  • Single property websites in free & paid versions

Spacio real estate app logo


Monthly price: $25 per agent, per month
Use it for: Open house sign-in, marketing & follow up

Why we chose it: Spacio is an excellent choice for teams and brokerages looking for a more bespoke sign-in experience. You’ll pay a bit more than you will with Open Home Pro, but for luxury teams and brokerages, Spacio’s gorgeous custom-branded sign-in sheets and team reporting features are well worth the extra $5 a month.

Best features:

  • Gorgeous custom-branded sign-in forms
  • CRM integrations 
  • Customizable questions in all tiers
  • Lead verification + social profiles
  • Automated follow-up emails 
  • Team open house reporting

Social media management apps

Buffer real estate app logo


Monthly price: Free to $12 per month
Use it for: Manage all your social media accounts in one place

Why we chose it: Buffer is an easy-to-use social media scheduling app that allows agents to post on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin for free. Like most apps these days, Buffer includes an AI assistant to help you write captions, headlines, or anything else you need help with. While we still recommend agents use Microsoft Copilot because of its internet connection, having an AI assistant right in the app can be helpful.

It’s also the best value on the market. While a free account will limit you to 30 scheduled posts at a time, you can upgrade your account to 2,000 scheduled posts for just $6 per month.

Best features:

  • Post scheduler for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Content planner helps you customize your calendar in advance
  • Centralized inbox management to reply to DMs
  • Analytics and monitoring of relevant real-time conversations

Animoto real estate app logo


Monthly price: Free to $15 per month
Use it for: Create professional-looking videos for all your real estate marketing needs; shoot and edit videos directly in the app or on a desktop

Why we chose it: Animoto is a beginner-friendly video creation and editing app that’s perfect for creating professional-looking videos for property marketing and social media. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, you can create and edit videos from clips and still images and then share them on social media.

Best features:

  • Professional templates help you quickly upload photo and video clips to create the most compelling real estate content
  • Customizable collage layouts to help you quickly put together property presentations
  • Adjust colors to your branding
  • Easy posting: You can directly share videos to Instagram and Facebook from within the app
  • Licensed music library

Property search apps

Zillow real estate app logo


Monthly price: Free
Use it for: Real estate coaching & accountability, goal tracking, social media templates, done-for-you Facebook ads

Why we chose it: With more than double the traffic of and Redfin combined, Zillow is the largest real estate marketplace on Earth. Whether you’re trying to research new listing marketing ideas, find FSBO deals, or get up-to-the-minute market analysis from economists like ZIllow’s Chief Economist Dr Skylar Olsen, the Zillow app is a must–download for agents in 2024.

Best features:

  • Most comprehensive listing collection on the market
  • 3D home tours
  • Zillow Premier Agent integration
  • Neighborhood insights like restaurants and parks

Team communication & workflow apps

Agently real estate app logo


Monthly price: $59 per month for individual agents, $279 per month for teams & brokerages
Use it for: Its impressive property listing database, plus market trends analysis

Why we chose it: Agently is a real estate training, coaching, and productivity app that helps teams stay accountable. Using the app, you can set custom goals for each agent on your team and Agently will deliver expert weekly coaching to help them reach them.

Solo agents can use Agently to access weekly coaching, set and track production goals, and even market their business and generate leads with the included social media templates and done-for-you social media ads.

Best features:

  • Weekly coaching includes scripts & objection handlers
  • Accountability and goal tracking for teams and solo agents
  • AI-powered listing builder
  • 1,000+ social media templates 
  • Done-for-you social media ads

Slack (a productivity & workflow app) logo


Monthly price: Free
Use it for: Improve your team’s communication & collaboration; keep real estate projects moving smoothly by centralizing conversations and important information

Why we chose it: Slack gives real estate teams a more streamlined and efficient way to communicate. Unlike email chains, Slack’s chat-based app makes keeping your team on the same page easy and fun. You can also invite contractors, lenders, and even clients into group chats to keep them in the loop.

Best features:

  • Group discussions into channels according to team or project
  • Direct messaging within your team or between individuals
  • Document sharing with easy Google Drive integrations
  • Search for past conversations
  • Custom notifications settings
  • Cross-device availability (access the same workspace on your laptop, tablet and phone)

Commercial real estate apps

Loopnet (commercial real estate app) logo


Monthly price: Free
Use it for: Commercial real estate; support clients in finding offices, retail spaces, multifamily properties and land

Why we chose it: Loopnet is the country’s most popular commercial real estate marketplace and offers agents a one-stop-shop for helping clients find and close commercial properties. In addition to listings, Loopnet also has an extensive database of commercial rental properties.

Best features:

  • Hundreds of thousands of listings across North America
  • In-depth property insights, such as financial records and space availability
  • High-resolution photos and videos
  • Advanced search filters
  • Comprehensive neighborhood information, including satellite images and street view
  • Map-based search functionality
  • User-friendly interface

Safety apps

Supra eKEY logo

Supra eKEY

Monthly price: Free
Use it for: Access properties for showings while tracking user data; know who is unlocking properties and when

Best features:

  • Listing management tools help you and the property owner set and edit access hours
  • Authorized users can manage lockbox settings and codes from multiple devices
  • Receive up-to-date listing information and showing notes as your brokers enter properties with clients
  • Coordinate access for contractors, photographers and affiliated agents from the app
  • Leave custom property recommendations in the app for agents to use when showing

Forewarn safety app logo


Monthly price: Requires a current FOREWARN® account (inquire for details)
Use it for: Get real-time identity verification when meeting new clients for the first time

Best features:

  • Positively identify over 80% of prospects for safer engagements
  • Conduct due diligence to learn if prospects have a criminal background before meeting them in person
  • Verify current asset ownership and any financial risks

Truthfinder app logo


Monthly price: Free with in-app purchases on background checks
Use it for: Conduct background checks and search public records to verify client information quickly

Best features:

  • Reverse phone lookup to identify unknown callers
  • Gain access to public records and social media profiles to verify identity

Our methodology: How we chose the best real estate apps for 2024

To determine which real estate apps are worth your time, we analyzed dozens of popular apps used by seasoned agents, weighing the pros and cons of each one to find the best-in-class options. We considered ease of use, price, special features, and practicality based on our experience as real estate professionals.

We also crawled the web so you don’t have to, and researched a wide sampling of reviews across social media, within Facebook groups, in comments sections on Instagram, and other online discussion forums to find out what agents love and hate about the apps in their phones.

The full picture: The best real estate apps for agents in 2024

Adding one or more of these real estate apps to your toolbox can help you accomplish important tasks and goals on the road. There’s no need to rush back and forth from your desk to showings when you can use power-packed real estate apps to manage important tasks everywhere you go. Chat with your clients, edit your social media posts, create property videos, research prospects, assign and nurture leads across your team, and so much more.

We’ll continue to add to our list of real estate apps that provide efficiency power-ups for your business. If you have a real estate app you love and can’t live without, be sure to share it in the comments.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the best real estate apps for buyers?

    The top real estate apps for buyers include Zillow (for its extensive listing database), Redfin (for real-time updates) and Trulia (for detailed neighborhood insights). In addition, several general-purpose apps can be used for other facets of real estate marketing, such as Hootsuite and Flick for social media management, Eventbrite for community events and Slack for team management.

    Finally, several real estate marketing platforms, like RealGeeks, CINC and Market Leader, provide a mobile app that syncs with the desktop version, so you and your team can access client information on the go, update a shared database as soon as leads come in and streamline the follow-up process from anywhere.

  • What is the most used real estate app with the most listings?

    Generally, Zillow stands out as having the most extensive property listing database. It’s considered one of the best real estate apps and is used by some 224 million people monthly. For this reason, agents shouldn’t disregard Zillow or Zillow Premier Agent, which likely offers one of the best advantages of participating in the Zillow ecosystem. Using Zillow Premier Agent helps you connect with real, eager buyers. Anecdotally, agents who use Zillow Premier Agent to find leads report their prospects are more ready to buy.

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