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14 indispensable AI tools for real estate agents

Take back your time, improve productivity and boost revenue with these AI tools for real estate agents

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools equip real estate agents with unprecedented capabilities. While ChatGPT has become a go-to tool for many of us, predictive analytics tools offer a more efficient, data-driven approach to generating new client leads. Similarly, data-driven marketing can be more cost effective, helping you focus your marketing budget on homeowners who are most likely to sell, and on buyers who are actively looking for their next home.

Need more examples? Automated chatbots can help you field calls, texts, emails and website inquiries to qualify incoming leads and segment buyers and sellers by their areas of interest in your CRM — all before you even pick up your phone to call or text those prospects.

Since real estate tech changes by the hour these days, we did a deep dive into the most helpful AI tools for real estate agents on the market today. Here’s a list of our favorites (so far!), and we’ll keep updating this guide as helpful new AI tools get on our radar.

AI Lead Generation Tools 

AI tools for real estate lead generation use sophisticated algorithms to sift through vast amounts of consumer data, identify potential leads, and even predict which prospect are mostly likely to become active buyers or sellers in the coming months. Using AI tools can streamline your lead generation efforts, helping you focus your time and energy on the most promising prospects.

1. Top Producer’s Smart Targeting

Phone and computer screenshots depicting Top Producer's AI tools for real estate agents

Starting price: $399 per month for CRM + Smart Targeting

AI tool: Smart Targeting predictive analytics 

Best features:

  • Includes Top Producer CRM
  • Uses AI to analyze data & market trends to identify likely sellers
  • Personalized marketing campaigns include online ads, email marketing, postcards, and handwritten letters
  • Automated lead follow-up 
  • Can target zip codes or custom farm areas

Our take on Top Producer’s AI

Adding leading-edge AI lead generation technology to one of the most popular CRMs in history is a match made in heaven. It’s the perfect way to introduce seasoned agents to AI without the intimidation factor – or the steep learning curve. While ChatGPT might be making headlines, the true killer apps of the AI revolution will add the technology to software that agents already know and love.

2. Offrs + RAIA AI


Starting price: $499 per month

AI Tools: Predictive analytics, RAIA AI, Roof AI

Best features:

  • Uses AI to analyze data & market trends to identify likely sellers
  • RAIA AI qualifies leads via SMS, email, or web chat
  • AI is trained by licensed agents & ISAs
  • AI predictive lead scoring 
  • Available ROOF upgrade means ISAs will call leads for you

Our take on Offrs’s AI

One of the first companies to offer AI-powered predictive analytics to find likely sellers, Offrs also has a patented AI chat tool to help nurture and convert those leads into clients. Called RAIA, Offrs AI chat tool uses conversational AI trained by licensed agents to qualify leads for you. If you want seller leads and already have a CRM you love, Offrs + RAIA is an excellent choice.

AI Marketing Tools

Real estate marketing can also be streamlined and made more effective (and less expensive) using these AI tools for real estate agents. You’ve probably already used some AI tools for marketing without knowing it, if you’ve virtually staged your listing photos or used writing tools like Grammarly or ChatGPT to write blogs, emails or online ads.

3. Virtual Staging AI

Before and after photos of a virtually staged bedroom using AI tool called Virtual Staging AI

Starting price: $12 per month for six staged photos

Best features:

  • More realistic virtual staging than any other AI staging tool
  • Can select furniture styles like modern, Scandinavian, & farmhouse
  • Decluttering included 
  • Unlimited revisions and 30-second turnaround
  • Affordable pricing 

Our take on Virtual Staging AI

Founded by a Harvard student, Virtual Staging AI offers something that competitors don’t: it actually works! Unlike other AI virtual staging apps, Virtual Staging AI produces consistently high-quality staged photos without the weirdness. Just pick the type of room you want to stage and choose your furniture style, and the app will keep generating staged photos until you find one that works for your listing.

4. Reimaginehome

Before and after home photos using Reimaginehome, an AI tool for real estate agents that virtually stages properties

Starting price: Free for 30 images per month

Best features:

  • Offers virtual staging, exterior enhancement, and sky replacement
  • You can select room types, furniture styles, and color themes
  • Free for 30 photos per month

Our take on Reimaginehome

While its AI-generated staging quality might not be as good as Virtual Staging AI’s, Reimaginehome offers agents more flexibility. Instead of just choosing a room type and furniture style, Reimaginehome lets you choose color themes, create landscape designs, and replace cloudy skies. It’s also free for up to 30 images per month, which makes it the perfect choice for agents who want to experiment with virtual staging and AI-generated images.

5. Canva

Starting price: Free version available, Canva pro is $119/year

Best features:

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Extensive Template Library
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor

Our take on Canva’s AI

While primarily known as a graphic design platform, Canva has integrated AI features that can assist real estate agents in creating visually appealing marketing materials. Its AI algorithms can suggest design layouts, color schemes, and even appropriate copy based on the content input, making it an excellent tool for designing brochures, social media posts, and property listings.

Canva image created by real estate agent Amy Fridhi: desktop with keyboard, pen, eye glasses, cell phone and a cup of coffee

“I use Canva multiple times a day, and it helps me keep my branding consistent, easily publish content, and save oodles of time. Here is a recent graphic that took me literally five minutes to create.”

Amy Fridhi
Licensed Agent in MA & FL

If you’re too busy to fiddle with Canva and want done-for-you social media graphics and a complete calendar of social media content each month, Coffee & Contracts offers polished Canva graphics and copy for a monthly subscription fee.

AI Enhanced CRMs

AI significantly revolutionizes customer relationship management (CRM), offering a blend of efficiency and personalization. By harnessing the power of AI, CRM systems can intelligently analyze customer data, predict client needs, and provide personalized recommendations, enhancing client engagement and satisfaction.

6. Lofty’s AI Assistant

Screenshot of the Lofty AI Assistant dashboard for real estate agents

Starting price: $39 upgrade (sold as part of a larger package)

AI tool: AI Assistant

Best features: 

  • Works for lead conversion, appointment setting, nurturing, and behavioral monitoring 
  • Engages with leads via chat, text, or Facebook Messenger
  • Responds to the lead’s behavior on your website
  • Long-term AI-powered nurturing campaigns
  • Customizable AI workflows & analytics
  • Helps tag and manage leads

Our take on Lofty’s AI

Lofty’s (formerly Chime) AI Assistant is one of the industry’s most advanced and useful AI tools for real estate agent. More than a simple chatbot, Lofty’s AI Assistant can help you qualify and convert leads on your website, set up showing appointments, and even nurture leads for the long haul. I also love how you can set it to qualify leads, get appointments, or monitor behavior, and it starts working all by itself.

7. Real Geeks’ Geek AI & SEO Fast Track

Screenshot of RealGeeks AI and SEO Fast Track tools using AI for real estate agents

Starting price: Call for upgrade pricing (sold as part of a larger package)

AI Tools: Geek AI Assistant, AI-Powered SEO Fast Track

Best features:

  • Advanced AI chatbot & SEO assistant
  • Buyer & seller specific scripts
  • Sends messages via chat and SMS
  • Automatically creates searchable area pages to rank on Google
  • Writes unique, locally targeted, AI-generated content 

Our take on Real Geeks AI

One of the first real estate CRMs to use AI technology, Real Geeks’ new AI features seamlessly integrate with the workflows agents are already used to. Agents have been using their Geek AI assistant to chat with leads for a few years now, but their new AI-driven SEO Fast Track upgrade could be a game changer for ranking on search engines.

AI Chatbots 

Chatbots and enhanced customer interaction tools offer real estate agents a significant advantage by changing how they connect with clients. These AI-driven systems provide instant, round-the-clock responses to client inquiries, ensuring potential leads are engaged the moment they show interest in listing or buying a home.

Here are some of our favorite real estate AI tools for customer engagement and interaction:

8. Roof AI

Starting price: unknown

Best features:

  • AI-powered chatbot
  • Marketing automation
  • Behavioral tracking

Our take on Roof AI

Roof AI is a dynamic tool for real estate agents. It offers an AI-powered chatbot that excels at engaging potential clients and automating lead generation. This system interacts with users in real time, answering inquiries, qualifying leads, and scheduling viewings. Roof AI’s ability to handle initial client interactions allows agents to focus on more complex aspects of their business, improving overall productivity.

9. Structurely

Starting price: Starts at $1,497 for three months

Best features:

  • AI conversational assistant
  • Lead qualification
  • CRM integration

Our take on Structurely

Structurely is an innovative AI conversation tool specifically designed for real estate agents to enhance lead qualification. It uses artificial intelligence to engage with and qualify leads through natural, automated conversations, allowing agents to focus on the most promising prospects. By providing timely and intelligent responses to inquiries, Structurely helps you streamline the initial stages of client interaction, making the lead nurturing process more efficient and effective.

10. Tidio

Starting price: Free plan (paid plans at $19 and $49/month)

Best features:

  • Chatbots
  • Live chat capabilities
  • Email marketing

Our take on Tidio

Tidio is a specialized AI chatbot tailored to meet the unique needs of real estate agents and brokers. This intuitive tool engages potential clients in real time, providing immediate responses to queries about listings and property details and scheduling viewings. By automating initial customer interactions, Tidio improves client engagement and assists in capturing leads more effectively, allowing real estate agents to focus on high-priority tasks.

Property valuation and market analysis

AI-supported property valuation and market analysis tools give real estate agents a decisive edge in quickly and accurately determining property values and understanding market trends. By leveraging large datasets, these tools offer precise, data-driven valuations and insightful analysis. These are essential for setting competitive prices and advising clients effectively. 

Here are some of our favorite AI tools for real estate property valuation and market analysis:

11. HouseCanary

Starting price: undisclosed

Best features: 

  • Accurate property valuation
  • Track and predict market movements
  • Risk assessment and forecasting

Our take on HouseCanary

HouseCanary offers advanced analytics and valuation models to inform an agent’s real estate practices. The platform provides precise property valuations and market forecasts, assisting agents in pricing properties accurately and understanding future market trends. HouseCanary’s detailed reports and insights enable agents to offer data-driven advice to clients, ensuring informed decision-making in both buying and selling processes.

12. CoreLogic

Starting price: $149/month

Best features: 

  • Comprehensive property data
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Market trend analysis

Our take on CoreLogic

CoreLogic stands out as an excellent resource for real estate agents, offering advanced analytics and property data solutions. It provides comprehensive insights into property values, market trends, and risk assessment, enabling agents to make well-informed decisions and offer expert advice to their clients. With its deep dive into local and national real estate data, CoreLogic helps agents stay ahead in a competitive market by equipping them with detailed and reliable information.

Commercial real estate market trends

AI tools that specialize in market trends and data analytics are invaluable for real estate agents. They offer a deep dive into the complexities of the property market. These tools access vast amounts of data, analyzing patterns and trends to provide agents with insights about the market.

Here are some of our favorite AI tools for commercial real estate market trends:

13. Reonomy

Starting price: $49/month

Best features: 

  • Machine Learning Technology
  • Extensive Data Network
  • Ownership Portfolios

Our take on Reonomy

Reonomy offers comprehensive AI-driven analytics and property data. This platform specializes in commercial real estate, providing agents with deep insights into property histories, ownership details, and market trends. It helps agents to facilitate informed investment decisions and aid in strategy development. Reonomy’s rich data repository and analytical capabilities make it an invaluable asset for agents looking to excel in the commercial real estate sector.

14. AirDNA

Starting price: Free (paid plans starting at $15/city/month)

Best features: 

  • Comparative data
  • Investment analysis
  • Revenue optimization

Our take on Airdna

Airdna is a data analytics company specializing in the short-term rental market, focusing on providing insights for properties listed on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. AirDNA leverages a wealth of information, including rental rates, occupancy rates, and seasonal trends, to offer detailed analysis and forecasts. Their tools and reports aim to empower users with actionable intelligence to maximize their returns in the dynamic short-term rental space.

The full picture: AI tools can benefits your bottom line

Believe it or not, this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Every day, companies are developing new ways to use AI to effectively improve business processes and streamline tasks.

As scary as it may be to embrace something new, AI tools are an invaluable resource for real estate agents, with unique functionalities that can enhance and support many aspects of your business. From refining lead generation and enhancing property valuations using insightful data analysis to streamlining transaction management, AI empowers agents to operate at their optimal best.

Integrating AI tools into your weekly routine not only boosts your operational efficiency, the insights it provides can lead to more informed decision-making. AI tools can also improve client experiences by elevating the level of service you’re able to provide — simply because you have more time on your hands. By automating routine tasks, these tools allow agents to focus on the most important part of your business — building stronger, more meaningful relationships with clients and offering top-tier client service.

Frequently asked questions

What are real estate AI tools, and how do they work?+

AI tools for real estate agents are software solutions that automate and enhance various aspects of real estate operations. They work by analyzing large datasets to provide insights, automate tasks like lead generation and client interaction, and assist in property valuation and market analysis.

How can I start using AI tools in my real estate business?+

Begin by identifying areas in your business that could benefit from automation. Which tasks require your personal touch and which ones take up your valuable time without delivering much to your bottom line. Some of the real estate AI tools on our list offer trial periods, allowing you to test drive them before fully integrating them into your workflow.

Do I need technical skills to use AI tools?+

Not necessarily. Most AI tools for real estate agents are user-friendly and require minimal technical expertise. However, basic familiarity with digital tools and a willingness to learn new technologies will certainly help you to succeed with them!

Can AI tools replace the need for personal interactions in real estate?+

Nope. We sometimes wish that were true! But AI tools for real estate agents are meant to complement personal interactions, not replace them. They can automate your repetitive tasks, for example, allowing you to focus on building relationships and providing personalized service.

How reliable are AI market analysis and trend predictions in real estate?+

AI market analysis and predictive analytics are increasingly reliable. Their algorithms get better with each closed transaction, in fact. They analyze extensive and diverse data sets. In the case of Top Producer, as one example, they can help real estate agents pinpoint which homeowners are most likely to list their home in the coming months. However, AI tools for real estate should be used in conjunction with your hard-earned real estate experience and expertise for the best results.

What are the costs associated with integrating AI tools into my real estate business?+

Costs vary widely depending on the tool and its features. Some AI tools designed for real estate agents offer free basic versions, while others require monthly or annual subscriptions. It’s important to evaluate the ROI in terms of time saved, and value added to your real estate business.

How do I ensure data privacy and security when using AI tools in real estate?+

Choose AI tools for real estate that comply with data protection laws like GDPR and have robust security measures. Regularly update your systems and educate yourself and your team on data privacy best practices.

What is the learning curve for adopting AI technology in my real estate practice?+

The learning curve depends on the specific tool and your familiarity with technology. Many AI tools are designed to be user-friendly, and providers often offer training and support to facilitate adoption.

Will using AI tools require me to change my current way of working?+

While AI tools might require some adjustments to your workflow, they are generally designed to integrate seamlessly with existing practices. The aim is to enhance and streamline your work, not overhaul it completely.

How do I stay updated with the latest AI tools and trends in real estate?+

Staying updated requires a proactive approach. Follow real estate technology blogs, read industry articles (like this one!), participate in webinars and conferences, and network with other professionals to learn about the latest tools and best practices.

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