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Is Zillow Premier Agent worth the cost?

Read our comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of Zillow Premier Agent to learn about the potential return-on-investment.

The dreaded Z word. As agents, we have a love-hate relationship with Zillow. Whether it’s the Zestimate or their lead gen, we all have strong opinions. Check out the comments section on any real estate platform and you’re sure to understand what I mean. In this article, we’ll explore this hugely popular real estate lead generation and search platform to help you determine if its many benefits are worth the cost of becoming a Zillow Premier Agent.

In full disclosure, I have researched Zillow Premier Agent but have never used it for leads, which is why I called my friend and team member, Tom Tomasian, a diehard Zillow Premier Agent. Licensed in Massachusetts since 2017 and Florida since 2021, he has been using Zillow leads since his career began. As real estate leads go, he gives Zillow Premier Agent five stars. One of the things he likes most is that ZPA allows him to connect immediately with ‘real’ buyers who are ready to submit offers.

Just how big is Zillow’s reach?

As anyone in the real estate industry knows, Zillow has a large user base actively searching for homes or looking to sell their properties. Zillow Group is the leading real estate and rental marketplace in the U.S., with 224 million average monthly unique users across all Zillow Group platforms in Q3 of 2023 alone.

Getting in front of all these eyes is a huge opportunity. Based on data from Statista, in 2022, had about 60 million visits each month, and Trulia had close to 21 million visits. EACH MONTH! This ranks them in 1st and 3rd place in terms of leading real estate websites.

What is Zillow Premier Agent?

Zillow Premier Agent is an advanced marketing and advertising program offered by Zillow that launched in 2008. At its core, Zillow Premier Agent connects agents with potential home buyers and sellers. Sounds simple, right? The main goal is to enhance the visibility and reach of real estate agents.

By signing up as a Zillow Premier Agent, you can access exclusive advertising opportunities on Zillow and its affiliate sites, like Trulia, and be featured prominently on them. You can expect enhanced exposure and direct access to Zillow’s large pool of potential clients. In short, Zillow Premier Agent helps you market yourself to the masses.

The value proposition of Zillow Premier Agent lies in its lead generation capabilities. Agents receive leads directly from Zillow based on their target zip codes, allowing them to focus on specific markets or neighborhoods. These leads are typically high-intent, as they come from users who have shown a direct interest in buying or selling property. In other words, ideal. Zillow Premier Agent allows you to reach a vast audience of active home buyers and sellers.

Additionally, Zillow Premier Agent includes tools for managing and nurturing leads, integrating with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and analyzing performance metrics. These resources are designed to help agents efficiently convert leads into successful transactions, thereby growing your business and market presence.

We all need to make our own decisions about whether or not to invest in Zillow Premier Agent Leads, so here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

How much does Zillow Premier Agent cost? 

Woman agent with a male and female client; seated in an office lounge overlooking paperwork

Good question. And I wish I could give you a solid answer. Zillow is a sales machine, and they want to get you on the phone before they release any actual numbers. That, and there is no one-size-fits-all Zillow Premier Agent pricing.

So what does Zillow Premier Agent cost? In general, leads through Zillow Premier Agent cost between $20 and $60 per lead. However, your actual cost is determined by a few factors, most out of your control.

Here are the four main factors that will determine what your cost will be:

  • Your chosen zip code 
  • Average home values
  • Number of competing agents 
  • Overall market demand 

The general rule is that the higher the property value in your zip code, the higher the Zillow leads cost. In addition, the more agents in your zip code, the smaller your share of leads, and you may need to pay more to grab a larger market share. Zillow Premier Agent is an online advertising program that works on Zillow, Trulia and StreetEasy (available in certain NYC areas). Zillow Premier Agents pay between $300 and $500 per month in non-metro areas and $1,000 per month or more for metro areas.

This may seem like a lot, but according to Tomasian, it is money well spent. His return on investment (ROI) has consistently been 3 to 5x. He acknowledges that ZPA leads are more expensive but also says, “you get what you pay for.”  He has tried cheaper leads and said he ends up wasting more time chasing them than actually converting them, so in his estimation, Zillow Premier Agent is worth the cost.

If you don’t yet have the money to invest in leads, Tomasian suggests joining a team that will pay for them in exchange for a portion of your commission. Tomasian believes so strongly in Zillow Premier Agent leads, that this is how he runs his teams

Pro Tip

If you are a new agent and can afford it, Zillow Premier Agent is a great way to jumpstart your business.

Pros & Cons of Zillow Premier Agent

Pros Cons
  • Increased Exposure: Zillow is one of the largest real estate websites, offering agents a platform with a vast audience and enhancing their visibility to potential clients.
  • Targeted Advertising: Agents can select specific ZIP codes where they want to focus, allowing for targeted marketing in areas they know well or wish to grow their business.
  • Lead Generation: The platform provides a steady stream of leads from potential buyers and sellers, which can be crucial for business growth and maintaining a consistent client pipeline.
  • Tools and Analytics: Zillow Premier Agent offers various tools, including a CRM system and analytics, helping agents track, nurture and manage leads more effectively.
  • Reputation Building: With features for client reviews and ratings, agents can build their reputation online, which is increasingly important in the digital age.
  • Cost: The service can be expensive, especially in competitive markets, and may not be cost-effective for all agents, particularly those new to the industry or working in lower-cost markets.
  • Competition: Agents are often listed alongside other Premier Agents on the same listings, which can dilute the impact of their advertising and require them to work harder to stand out.
  • Quality of Leads: Not all leads provided by Zillow are high-quality; some may be early in the buying process or not serious, requiring agents to spend time qualifying leads.
  • Dependence on Platform: Heavy reliance on Zillow for leads can make agents vulnerable to changes in platform policies, pricing, or market dynamics.
  • Learning Curve: Maximizing the benefits of Zillow Premier Agent requires understanding and effectively utilizing its tools and analytics, which can have a learning curve for some agents.

How does Zillow Premier Agent work?

When an agent signs up, they are featured as the “Premier Agent” on listings in their chosen ZIP codes. This means that your contact information and profile will be prominently displayed alongside properties you’re representing AND in areas where your want to generate new business. When a potential home buyer or seller views a property listing on Zillow, they see your Premier Agent’s information and can directly contact your for more information or to schedule a showing.


Zillow Premier Agent operates on a cost-per-lead basis, where agents pay for the leads they receive from Zillow. Additionally, Premier Agents have access to tools and resources provided by Zillow, such as market insights, CRM tools, and advertising opportunities, to further enhance their business and client relations.

7 key features of Zillow Premier Agent


For good or for bad, Zillow leads the pack in terms of popularity among agents that I know. Here are seven key features and benefits of Zillow Premier Agent.

Agents’ listings are given priority placement on Zillow and Trulia, increasing visibility to potential buyers.

2. Lead generation

The platform generates leads by connecting agents with buyers and sellers who are actively searching for homes on Zillow and its affiliate sites.

3. CRM integration

Zillow Premier Agent integrates with various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, allowing agents to effectively track and manage their interactions with leads and clients.

4. Performance analytics

The service provides detailed analytics on listing performance and lead engagement, helping agents understand their ROI and refine their marketing strategies.

5. Zillow Premier Agent profiles

Agents can build robust profiles with client reviews and ratings, enhancing their credibility and appeal to potential clients.

6. Exclusive advertising

Agents get exclusive advertising opportunities on Zillow and Trulia, providing them with a competitive edge in their local markets.

7. Training and resources

Zillow Premier Agent offers various educational resources, webinars, and training sessions to help agents maximize their use of the platform and improve their overall real estate marketing skills. These features combine to create a powerful tool for real estate agents to increase their market presence, enhance their brand, and ultimately drive more successful transactions.

7 key benefits of Zillow Premier Agent


Zillow Premier Agent offers many benefits for real estate agents — enhancing your market presence, lead generation, and overall sales success. However, it comes down to just how important these things are to you and how much you are willing to spend. Here are some of the advantages of using ZPA:

⭐ Increased visibility and brand exposure

By featuring listings and profiles on Zillow and its affiliated sites, agents gain significant exposure to a vast audience of potential buyers and sellers. This enhanced visibility helps build brand recognition and reach in the competitive real estate market.

⭐ Targeted lead generation

The platform specializes in connecting agents with high-intent leads – people actively searching for homes or looking to sell. This targeted approach increases the chances of converting leads into actual sales.

⭐ Advanced CRM tools

Integration with CRM systems allows for efficient management and nurturing of leads. Agents can track interactions, schedule follow-ups, and maintain a robust database of client information, streamlining their workflow.

⭐ Detailed analytics and performance insights

Zillow Premier Agent provides comprehensive analytics on how listings are performing and how leads are engaging. These insights enable agents to make data-driven decisions and tailor their strategies for better results.

⭐ Client reviews and ratings

The platform encourages agents to collect reviews and ratings from past clients. These testimonials serve as powerful trust signals, attracting more potential clients and enhancing the agent’s reputation.


⭐ Educational resources and support

Zillow offers various training resources, webinars, and support materials to help agents maximize their use of the platform. This education is invaluable for staying up-to-date with market trends and best practices.

⭐ Networking opportunities

Being a part of the Zillow Premier Agent community can open doors for networking with other professionals in the industry. These connections can be beneficial for referrals, partnerships, and sharing industry knowledge.

These benefits collectively aim to boost an agent’s efficiency, marketability, and sales potential, making Zillow Premier Agent a valuable tool for those looking to advance their real estate career.

Who is Zillow Premier Agent best for?

Zillow Premier Agent is best suited for real estate agents who are seeking to expand their online presence and lead generation in specific markets. It’s particularly beneficial for agents who have a strong understanding of their local real estate market and are looking to target potential clients actively searching for homes in those areas.

This program is ideal for both seasoned agents wanting to leverage Zillow’s extensive user base to boost their listings’ visibility and for newer agents aiming to establish themselves in competitive markets. Agents who are adept at online communication and can promptly respond to inquiries will find this platform especially useful.

Additionally, it suits agents willing to invest in marketing and who understand the value of online platforms in today’s digital-first real estate environment. Zillow Premier Agent can be a powerful tool for agents at various stages of their career, provided they are committed to actively managing their online presence and efficiently handling the leads generated through the platform.

9 Tips to make Zillow Premier Agent work for you 

If you’re considering paying for Zillow Premier Agent, we recommend taking a look at these nine tips to get the most bang for your buck.

✔️ Create a compelling and complete profile, including a professional photo and bio

✔️ Choose the ZIP codes where you have market knowledge and a proven track record

✔️ Showcase high-quality listings with professional photos and detailed descriptions

✔️ Promptly respond to leads to improve conversion rates 

✔️ Network with other agents on the platform

✔️ Ask for reviews from past clients to enhance credibility and visibility 

✔️ Utilize the CRM tools to manage leads and track interactions

✔️ Analyze performance metrics available through Zillow

✔️ Engage in continuous learning by participating in Zillow’s webinars and training

Methodology: how we evaluated Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow isn’t exactly forthcoming with its data about leads and how much it helps agents or how much revenue it generates from agent advertising. The most recent data we could find was from 2016 making it somewhat less than relevant given the market upheaval of the past few years.

Much of my knowledge of Zillow Premier Agent comes from my discussions with other agents and experience being on the other side of the table from Zillow Premier Agents in Florida and Massachusetts, where I’m licensed. Everyone I have spoken with has positive things to say about using ZPA, and their track records show that they are using it to its full potential.

Zillow Premier Agent alternatives

Although one of the most popular, Zillow is certainly not the only game in town when it comes to real estate leads. I know plenty of agents who swear by their ZPA leads, and just as many others who don’t find them to be so valuable. What’s important is that you find the best fit for you and your business. If Zillow isn’t your jam, here are a few others you may want to consider.

This platform offers a range of tools for real estate agents, including lead generation services. It’s a popular website for home buyers and sellers, and it allows agents to connect with potential clients who are actively searching for properties. is owned and operated by *Move, Inc., a subsidiary of News Corp.

(*Correction: in our initial publication of this article, we mistakenly assigned ownership of to another entity.)

Redfin Partner Agents

Redfin is a well-known real estate website and offers a partner program for agents. This program connects agents with buyers and sellers who use the Redfin platform. While Redfin agents are salaried, partner agents from other brokerages can receive referrals. Redfin is in a partnership with Zillow.


Although Trulia is owned by Zillow Group, it operates as a separate entity and offers distinct features and lead generation opportunities for agents. It can be a good alternative for those looking to diversify their online presence beyond Zillow.

This is another popular real estate listing website that provides advertising and lead generation services for agents. allows agents to increase their visibility among home buyers and sellers browsing the site.

Each of these platforms has its own set of features and benefits, so real estate agents may want to explore them to see which best fits their business model and target audience.

Bottom Line: Zillow Premier Agent is worth it if you work it

Zillow Premier Agent is an industry leader for a reason. The agents who use it successfully understand the nuances of the CRM, the urgency of responding to leads, and the importance of having a solid online profile when buyers and sellers are online shopping.

As with all things real estate marketing, only you can decide if Zillow Premier Agent is worth it. If you think you are up for the challenge, then investing in Zillow Premier Agent may be the thing you need to level up in your real estate business.

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