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MRBlogban One of the new things you will see at RMD this year is a focus on providing training to our readers. We all know that training is essential in any business, so we are working with the best and brightest in the industry to help build your business!

Our first session will be with Monte Rose from Monte is offering all RMD readers the opportunity to attend his first seminar for FREE! Below is a little background on Monte and the company.

RMD: Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what value your organization hopes to bring to the industry?

MRB: I have 15 years experience in RM as a sales professional and manager. As the head of national retail sales for Financial Freedom, I was responsible for close to 450 producers, supervisors, and managers. I started out as a Salesperson in the early days of the industry, and have moved up the ranks as a successful producer, and sales manager. I had the fortune of selecting, recruiting, managing, and coaching hundreds of Reverse Mortgage producers — from sales newbies, to established sales professionals in other industries who wanted to create a niche in our industry. From this experience, I was able to study and observe what kind of behaviors, knowledge, and systems successful RM sales people employed. I have developed a strategy of training and coaching people who want to be successful in the field. I want to emphasize the word “strategy” here: most training in the industry centers around product expertise. In reality, for successful sales producers, “product” is just “first base.” To succeed in the business, one needs to unify insight with rigorous and disciplined execution.

On a practical level, what this means is that there has to be a deep alignment between one’s natural strengths/aptitudes, and the market segments with which one connects. Market segmentation as an idea is not pervasive in our industry, so a lot of what purports to be “marketing” is simply trial-and-error. So this is one area where people need help. The other major gap is that very few people have been exposed to the latest research findings on how to cultivate and coach sales talent. Sales productivity can be taught and learned, but people need to understand the “theory of the game” and then apply this insight with the needed skills and “systems” that support day-to-day implementation. I am a serious student of “talent” and sales productivity. What I’m passionate about is sharing this knowledge and experience to help others become successful in marketing and selling to the mature market.

RMD: How can people learn about what you do?

MRB: I’m starting a webinar series this Thursday (8am Pacific Time). I’ve divided the entire sales process into three discreet segments, each with a specific set of learning objectives as far as skills, strategy, and systems:

  1. Getting to the Kitchen Table, in January
  2. The Kitchen Table Conversation, in February, and
  3. Post-Kitchen Table Engagement in March.

Everything you need to know about marketing, prospecting, the conversation and the close, and customer engagement & referral generation – in a concise format. I have “deconstructed” each of these segments, and will provide not only immediately actionable, easy to implement steps to grow your business – but more importantly I also teach a practical “framework” to put all the steps together that fits the particular personality and style of the producer. I teach people how to obtain immediate, consistent, and sustainable production lift – by learning a system that not only shows the “what” and “how” but also the “why.”

Click the special link below for RMD readers below to sign up for the class.

Class Details

January 10 (Thursday)
8:00 am (PST), 9:00 am (MST)
10:00 am (CST), 11:00 am (EST)

Sign Up!

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