Looking for Good News About Reverse Mortgages?

Phil Hall, the editor of Mortgage Orb does a good job covering the reverse mortgage industry. In his latest, Hall writes about how the negative coverage we often see in Wanted: Good News About Reverse Mortgages.

Yes, more positive news would be a great thing, but we did get some from the Wall Street Journal over the weekend.  That was short lived when a Gawker writer saw one too many Fred Thompson reverse mortgage commercials.  Before anyone gets tpo excited, Gawker slams everybody, so don’t take it personally.  Did you see Cat Woman is going on a robbery spree too?

Anyways, Hall brings up some good points, just look at what he found after a quick Google Search for reverse mortgage news:

Even a casual hunt through the latest news headlines via Google turns up stories that add to the doom and gloom: “New Scam Targets Elderly Homeowners With Reverse Mortgages,” “Reverse Mortgage Home Loan For Senior Citizens – Is Refinancing A Better Option?” and “Dangers Of Reverse Mortgages” were among the headlines that popped up in the early stages of a search-engine spin.

As someone who scours these headlines everyday, it does get old but I can honestly say that it’s getting better. We are starting to see some results from the industry PR Campaign and I’m being told more is on its way.  Definitely worth the read.

Wanted: Good News About Reverse Mortgages

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