Cosmetic tweaks to help sell your house fast

A little can go a long way to attracting a potential buyer

Spring is one of the most popular selling seasons – and it’s right around the corner. Are you preparing to sell your house? You don’t just want to sell it as is. You want to make a few preparations to attract the most potential buyers. Here are a few things you should consider to ensure your home sells fast and you get the best deal!

Make Sure You Clean The House

Cleaning your home before showing it might sound like a no-brainer. But you’d be surprised by how many sellers forget or rush the cleaning process. Even if you’re a relatively clean person, you should give your home a good scrub beforehand – especially the places you don’t frequent. For example, your guest bathroom. Dust accumulates and you don’t want a potential buyer to find dust on the ceiling or smudges on the windows.

Consider The Scent

You don’t want your house to smell like fast food or your dog’s wet hair. A bad smell can deter a potential buyer, which isn’t what you want. Before showing your home, consider lighting a candle or baking some chocolate chip cookies. This way, your home will smell inviting.

Keep Decor & Colors Neutral

Do you have an accent wall in your living room? You might think it looks amazing, but that doesn’t mean everyone will. If you want to sell your house fast, it’s a good idea to re-paint your walls a neutral color, so potential buyers can focus on the space and not be distracted by the walls. You should also consider removing any distinctive furniture or art that could turn-off a buyer.

Update What You Can

If you have the finances to do so, consider making some light renovations before selling your home. For example, update your appliances or replace your carpet with wood flooring. You don’t have to change everything. But even small, inexpensive adjustments could help your home sell quickly.

Don’t Forget About The Outside

How your home looks on the outside is just as important as how it looks on the inside. You don’t want buyers to first see an unruly lawn or a trash can filled to the brim before they walk inside your home. That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours decorating your exterior. Trimming your bushes, planting some flowers and raking the leaves should be enough to impress potential buyers.

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