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At HousingWire, we consider ourselves the leading source of news and information for housing professionals spanning the entire mortgage and real estate ecosystems.

We hope you agree. We don’t take this lightly. It’s incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but comes with a lot of responsibility and work. 

Clayton Collins,
HousingWire CEO

Our team is dedicated to serving housing professionals. We’re not writing from an ivory tower. We’re in the industry with you.

We see you at the conferences, visit your branches, listen to the earnings calls and build meaningful reader and source relationships. We write for loan originators, cover news for real estate agents, gather data for title and valuation professionals, provide perspective to investors and capital markets leaders, and spend every day thinking about how we can keep the executive teams that lead mortgage and real estate organizations informed. 

We do this because we believe that housing is the most important sector in the U.S. economy and we know that information is power. Without independent news, perspective and analysis, industry professionals and executives are not armed to make the smart decisions that move the housing economy forward. It’s also a good business model for us. 

That sets the stage to share how we make it work.

Our DNA at HousingWire is built around an independent newsroom. Our newsroom is staffed and led by reporters and editors. Some with deep housing market coverage experience and others coming from other journalistic backgrounds that bring a fresh lens to the housing world. The common thread? Excellent journalists.

For our readers, this is the daily news. The headlines you must read. The breaking alerts that impact your profession and clients. And the primary reason you subscribe to our Daily Update, LendingLife, OpenHouse, HousingBallot and Breaking Alerts newsletters. 

Last month, we introduced HW+, a premium membership product that includes deeper dive articles, thoughtful investigative reporting and perspective you will never find anywhere else.

Our premium content team lead works in lockstep with our newsroom to develop story ideas, allocate resources and author these articles. This type of journalism takes time, investment and expertise. We’re really excited about HW+ and encourage you to join and benefit from the content while also supporting excellent journalism. 

To round out our content strategy and our ambition of being the voice of the housing professional, we’ve introduced Columnist and Contributor programs. At HousingWire, we accept opinion pieces (OpEd) from industry leaders. We call this Pulse. Pulse contributors must have executive experience in mortgage lending or real estate brokerage firms. These are industry leaders that have a voice and opinion. No self-interest. Just expertise that they want and need to share. Some of our reader favorites include Mike Dunlap, Aneeza Haleem and David Stevens

That brings us to the newest addition to our content strategy, HousingWire Columnists. Columnists are hand-selected experts who have a proven knack as authors, analysts and content creators. Columnists become part of the HousingWire team, and write on a weekly basis to share their perspective, expertise and experience. 

I couldn’t be more excited to announce our first cohort of columnists! So here it is, the inaugural columnist cohort:

Julian Hebron – If HousingWire was a nightclub, Julian would be the resident fintech DJ. Julian is also the founder of The Basis Point and previously served in executive sales and marketing roles at UBS, Wells Fargo, loanDepot and LendUS. For our readers, Julian is best known for his perspectives on housing startups like Zillow and OpenDoor

MaryFrances Coleman – Think a law degree means you spend a career drafting docs and litigating? Not for MaryFrances. In addition to serving as COO of eXp, she has also held leadership roles at Realty Executives, Homesmart, Fidelity National Title and Keller Williams High Desert. MaryFrances has some serious perspective to share on the real estate brokerage model and the overall housing market

Kristin Messerli – Some complain about the inequality and biases in the housing market, others do something about it. Kristin falls squarely in the latter camp. She is the founder of Cultural Outreach and works tirelessly to help companies reach young and underserved markets. Oh yeah, she also has a few viewpoints on next-generation trends in housing and digital lending.

Dustin Brohm – Dustin is a MASSIVE addition to the HousingWire columnist cohort… As the founder of the Massive Agent Podcast and the Industry Syndicate real estate podcast network, Dustin has a big voice in the housing world. He’s also an active real estate agent in Salt Lake City. For our readers, Dustin gained celebrity status with his viewpoints on industry jargon.

Logan Motashami – The Charts Guy! Long before we ever actually spoke, I followed Logan’s insightful, colorful economic analysis and perspective through social media and his blog. When he’s not wearing an economist hat, he serves as a senior loan manager at AMC Lending Group. Logan broke the internet with his article, Is the U.S. in a housing bubble?

Please give a warm welcome to Cohort No. 1! 

So, to put a bow on it: We’re running a content flywheel strategy that brings together news, long-form journalism and industry voices. We tell stories through the written word, podcasts, videos and live events.

We do all of this to inform and entertain housing professionals.

And we’re having a great time doing it. 

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