Lunch & Learn: The State of Housing

As housing supply dwindles, affordability concerns grow while competition heats up the market. This Lunch & Learn will examine the current state of housing, featuring experts who have an eye on the market.

HousingWire Annual Virtual Summit

Join us on October 25 for a chance to see a handpicked selection of sessions from HousingWire Annual along with technology demos from the most innovative tech companies! Register now for FREE to experience HW Annual just like you were there.

How credit scores impact lenders’ pipelines in a purchase market

When a lender works with a borrower to improve their credit score, they are able to offer the most competitive rate and terms. Learn more here!

Volly’s Grant Moon on challenges facing veterans

In this episode of HousingNews, we are joined by Grant Moon who discusses the difficulties veterans face during the home-buying process and misconceptions about VA loans.


A deep dive on loanDepot’s latest earnings

An inside look at the top stories coming across HousingWire's news desk

In this HousingWire Daily episode transcript, HousingWire Digital Media Manager Alcynna Lloyd joins HousingWire Managing Editor James Kleimann to discuss the hottest topics coming across HousingWire’s news desk. 

In this episode, the pair review loanDepot’s latest earnings report following the lender’s recent IPO and examine what the rise of Compass could mean for the real estate market going forward.

The pair also discuss the biggest and most prominent topics the HousingWire editorial team covered this month. 

Listen to the full episode here or below and make sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Below is the transcription of the interview. These transcriptions, powered by Speechpad, have been lightly edited and may contain small errors from reproduction:

Alcynna Lloyd: Good morning, everyone. We’re here again for HousingWire’s “Monday Morning Cup of Coffee,” which is a segment of HousingWire’s daily podcast that examines the most compelling mortgage, real estate, and fintech articles reported from the HousingWire newsroom. My name’s Alcynna Lloyd and I’m HousingWire’s digital media manager. Today, I’m joined with HousingWire’s managing editor, James Kleimann. Thanks for joining us today, James.

James Kleimann: Thanks, Alcynna as always.

Alcynna Lloyd: Of course. All right. So listeners, thanks for joining us on Facebook Live. Today, we’ll be discussing the hottest topics that came across our news desk this and last week. James, what stories caught your eye last week specifically?

James Kleimann: Most of you probably already know that our team is based in Dallas, and we have people in Austin and other places as well. But pretty much everybody got walloped last week, and so, you know, it was a really difficult week for the newsroom and I’m really proud of all the work that we were able to get done, despite a lot of people not having power. Alcynna, you still don’t have water, so it’s crazy. But yeah, so we still did manage to cover the news, which is our calling, of course. So one story that I thought was really interesting is that LoanDepot came out with their earnings report in a subsequent call, and I think that was on…the days blend together, but I wanna say Thursday. And a few interesting things about that.

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