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Real estate news provides vital information to mortgage and housing industry professionals, and HousingWire’s real estate news coverage is focused on the top and timely information that agents, teams and brokerages need to know. Whether it’s news about further declines in housing inventory, insight into builder pace, or updates on housing market data like home sales and home prices, HousingWire offers you the insight you need into the biggest home trends and changes in real estate. 

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Right now, there are numerous factors driving the real estate news cycle, not the least of which is fluctuating interest rates. Mortgage rates rose rapidly throughout 2022, which has had a massive impact on the housing market across the board — and directly affected the price and demand of real estate, home prices, and government policies related to tax incentives, deductions, and subsidies that can boost or hinder demand. 

And, while it appears that the Federal Reserve may be prepared to slow the uptick in the Fed rate, it’s likely that rates will continue to have an impact on the industry in some form throughout some or all of 2023. To stay on top of the latest real estate news, industry professionals turn to HousingWire’s real estate news coverage, where they can learn about policy that is impacting lender and consumer activity, economic and market trends that are guiding strategy and opportunities for real estate and mortgage professionals, and find out about best practices being incorporated by leading industry professionals and agencies.

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Lunch & Learn: Proactive Loan Quality HW+

Hosted by QC Ally

Fannie Mae’s Quality Control (QC) calibrations, which went into effect October 2022, reinforce the Selling Guide requirement for lenders to implement QC programs for identifying deficiencies and applying risk ratings to any deficiency found in the loan process. The calibration process provides insight into a lender’s quality control reviews and results, aiming to highlight the […]

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Social media strategies brokerage leaders can implement today to drive profitability HW+

Nov 22, 2022By

Real estate professionals love social media, but too few understand how to really leverage it for the benefit of their business. And when it comes to teams and brokerages, not enough have coordinated an effective social media strategy despite the advantage of being ableto implement at scale. With the right tools, content, and training, brokerages […]

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