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HousingWire Magazine: December 2022/January 2023 Supplement

Maleesa Smith
Maleesa Smith

IF YOU’RE LISTENING to the objectively smart voices in the industry, I hope by now you’ve heard the refrains of “win in any market,” “lean into the chaos” and “growth mindset.”

If you haven’t, I urge you to do a quick audit of everyone you follow. (Quick plug: My team is producing content on and every week that helps you build your business, and some of that includes curated lists of folks to follow on every social media platform. Go read it!)

The reason those refrains are vital to our success is because they counter our normal human response to the challenges around us. I don’t have to spend a paragraph telling you what market we’re in — you know all too well. Instead, I’m choosing to spend my word count on what we all need to focus on: How to make the most of the situation we’re in. And for that, I’m going to share the words from some of those smart voices I referenced above:

“How do we really step up as leaders and set a direction that can take our organizations to the next level during this time? We actually have fantastic opportunities to rework our organizations and get back to the details and the basics that we haven’t been able to for the last two years because we’ve just been busy keeping up.” – Ashley Bower, President, HomeSmart

“Owning a home right now isn’t right for everyone. But our job as lenders is to empower people with education and knowledge so they can make the right decision, right now, for them.” – Dave Savage, Chief Innovation Officer, Mortgage Coach and Sales Boomerang
“2023 is either going to be the worst year ever if you don’t pay attention or it’s going to be the biggest year of your entire career. But you have to actually work at it.” – Ryan Serhant, CEO, broker and founder, SERHANT

All three of those quotes came from sessions at this year’s HousingWire Annual, and were reflective of a broader theme: Finding opportunities and innovating in challenging times. And it’s a theme I hope you’ll see in the pages ahead. Each solution has been tailored to help you succeed in the environment you’re in, and prepare for the future. I know if you’re flipping through this supplement, you’re not shying away from innovating, even in the storm, so dive in and enjoy!

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