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George W. Bush Institute
2943 SMU Boulevard
Dallas, TX
United States

Housing America’s Families Forum

The J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families will host a full day national Housing Forum at the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas, Texas on Friday, November 18, 2016. This Fall will be a time of political transition with the national elections just over and a new President of the United States and Congress preparing to assume office. The objective of the Housing Forum is to ensure that housing is front- and- center as the 115th Congress and the new Administration begin to forge their respective policy agendas for 2017. Speakers at the Forum will include top Congressional leaders; and individuals likely to play prominent roles in the presidential transition process and the incoming Administration; as well as key housing industry leaders and practitioners.

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11/13/16 to 11/16/16
Caesars Palace Las Vegas
3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV
United States
Contact: Michelle Kaas

2016 CRA & Fair Lending Colloquium

Industry experts from banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, regulatory agencies and community groups will share information about regulatory developments and oversight trends in CRA, Fair Lending and HMDA. During three days of strategic general sessions and tactical breakout sessions, speakers will share best practices and strategic insights for remaining compliant in today's changing regulatory environment. 

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Webinar: Legal and Regulatory Update on Electronic Mortgage Closings

Originators big and small have successfully automated the initial stages of the mortgage process, however, because the closing process is so complex, this has historically impeded adoption of an all-electronic process.

To remain relevant, however, mortgage lenders must adopt closing processes that are more convenient for both consumers and banks.

Join us as two of the most experienced authorities on this subject will take a deeper dive into electronic mortgage closings.

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11/6/16 to 11/8/16
La Quinta Resort & Club
49-499 Eisenhower Drive
La Quinta, CA
United States

41st Annual UTA Education Conference & Trade Show

UTA's annual fall Educational Conference & Trade Show keeps mortgage industry members current on all practice issues of interest to trustees and all law firms handling default work and provides a marketplace for service providers to interact with you to improve your practice. The educational sessions, which are MCLE accredited, address legal, legislative, and operations issues and the networking opportunities are unprecedented.

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10/30/16 to 11/1/16
Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa
8212 Barton Club Dr
Austin, TX
United States

AmeriCatalyst 2016: FAST FORWARD

The annual AMERICATALYST conference is an invitation-only, peer-to-peer think tank focused on the housing ecosystem, which encompasses all sectors of housing finance (the mortgage market), residential real estate, and the rental market. Renowned for the caliber of its exceptional content, what makes the AMERICATALYST event unique is the context in which we discuss how the industry is evolving, and more importantly, where the industry is heading next. That context is globalization, and its pervasive, irreversible, magnifying and accelerating forces, which have created a world increasingly beyond our control, and a world in which the greatest change is the pace of change. 

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Webinar: Lend Confidently: Remove TRID Risk

Constant adjustments to TRID and QM continue to impact potential growth for lenders. While the rules are no longer a major headwind to the market, are you ready to responsibly grow your lending business?

Join us for this unique webinar opportunity to hear from industry insiders experienced at removing TRID compliance risk from the mortgage process. 

Learn how to survive, thrive, and have the confidence that you can meet new regulatory requirements!

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10/23/16 to 10/26/16
Hynes Convention Center
900 Boylston Street
Boston, MA
United States

MBA's Annual Convention & Expo 2016

At the country's largest gathering of real estate finance industry leaders and top performers, there is no limit to the contacts you can make, the information you will gather and the insight you will glean. Whether you're an industry veteran looking to seal the deal or you're new to the industry and looking to get your foot in the door, MBA's Annual Convention & Expo provides the competitive advantage that every professional needs. The agenda includes inspiring and entertaining general sessions, educational breakout sessions, networking events, an exhibit hall with special events, and more.

Join your peers and the who's who in the industry at MBA's Annual Convention & Expo for the access and opportunity you need.

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Webinar: How Digital Closings are transforming the industry — Right now

Join us as digital closing experts provide a practical how-to-guide on taking your business digital — offering real and practical action steps you can implement immediately

By attending you can:

  • Gain a practical, proven roadmap to get your business digital and start eClosing in weeks
  • See the main components of a digital strategy using existing technologies and how they relate to your process today
  • Identify areas of your business where digital closings save you real time and money
  • Understand key differences in digital solutions on the market to make the best choice for your business

Register today and learn how easy it really is to implement this disruptive technology.

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10/5/16 to 10/8/16
United States
Contact: CalyxSoftware®


ASCEND16 is designed to help Calyx customers and partners ascend to the next level of success. It will help prepare them for changing industry dynamics and show them how to take full advantage of all the capabilities of Calyx’s products and services. The user conference will feature more than 30 specialized breakout sessions and workshops for current customers of Point®, PointCentral®, PathSoftware™ and LoanScoreCard®, including C-level executives, business and operations managers, loan officers, underwriters, processors, lock desk staff, system administrators and secondary market managers. Topics will include:

  • Hands-on training and best practices for using Point, PointCentral, PathSoftware and LoanScoreCard
  • The current state and future of the housing and mortgage markets
  • Reaching the next generation of homebuyers
  • Using technology to improve the customer experience and boost productivity
  • Preparing for regulatory exams
  • Getting ready for upcoming HMDA changes
  • Lessons learned from TRID at the one-year anniversary
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Contact: Brena Swanson

HW Q&A: Making Sense of the CFPB's 900-Page Mortgage Servicing Rule

Since the CFPB has published the final mortgage servicing rule you need every second and every resource to ensure you implement it correctly.

Join HousingWire as we team up with leading industry experts to answer questions on the final mortgage servicing rule, along with laying out what went into and makes up the 900-page rule

You'll learn:

  • The operational impact of the new mortgage servicing rule
  • How the rule adds a definition of “delinquency” that applies through the rule
  • Lender concerns with the rule and what the CFPB is doing about them (or not)
  • Risks associated with the new rule and implications for lenders
  • Implementation best practices
  • And much more!  
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