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The best real estate podcasts for agents and brokers in 2024

Tap into the tips, strategies, and advice from some of real estate’s most influential players with these top real estate podcasts for agents and brokers

Who doesn’t have a podcast these days? Anyone with a microphone and a cup of coffee can wax poetic about the ebbs and flows of the industry. While there is plenty of noise out there, we dug for podcast gold to come up with a list of the best real estate podcasts that are worth your time.

We curated a shortlist of the top real estate podcasts that provide useful information for agents at every stage of their careers.  From the newbies to the seasoned vets, there’s something for everyone in our (always evolving) list of podcast favorites. Whether you’re looking to stay informed or motivated, gain market insights, or learn strategies from the masters — our list of the best real estate podcasts for agents can help you level up your business in 2024.


Best for: 

If you’re navigating the industry’s ins and outs, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent has 30-minute episodes that are digestible and informative. Whether you’re new to selling real estate or have decades of experience, everyone can learn valuable lessons and gain motivation from this podcast’s discussions with guests.

Why it’s great: 

As any agent knows, being a real estate professional is about so much more than selling property. Abrams looks at the industry through the lens of fascinating guests, ranging from industry experts like former Keller Williams CEO Mo Anderson to billionaire entrepreneur Adam Hergenrother. But it also delves deeper, using guests to examine the internal struggles many agents face. Don’t miss a recent episode with author and motivational speaker Mel Robbins as she discusses her mantra and new book, The 5 Second Rule, and how agents can apply the lesson in their real estate career.


2. Drive with NAR

Host: Various

Best for: 

Anyone looking for peer-to-peer guidance will find useful business-building tips from this National Association of REALTORS® podcast. However, the recent Safety Series deals with issues that all agents need to be aware of — from the physical hazards of selling aging homes to dealing with the loneliness of entrepreneurship.

Why it’s great: 

With each episode lasting just over 20 minutes, Drive with NAR is perfect for gathering tips and tactics between listing appointments or while getting your daily steps in. Their sibling podcast, NAR’s Real Estate Today, is not directly for REALTORS, but it takes an intriguing look at industry trends.


3. Real Estate Rockstars Podcast

Host: Aaron Amuchastegui

Best for: 

If you’re looking to learn from the masters to level up your marketing, Real Estate Rockstars taps serious pros who can teach you to convert social media followers into clients. Hear the secrets and strategies of some of the most successful agents on Instagram.

Why it’s great: 

One of the most popular podcasts in the industry, Real Estate Rockstars is friendly and aspirational — revealing the proven tactics and strategies of successful agents. In a recent episode, Nashville agent Marie Lee shares how she targets out-of-state buyers relocating to Nashville. Lee got her real estate license during the 2020 lockdown, and she shares that seventy percent of the $14 million she closed in 2023 came through her Instagram account.

Best for: 

Anyone who wants a mindset shift in under 60 seconds should tune into The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience’s “Mindset Mondays” for a minute-long inspirational chats. Mindset is the name of the game for Tom Ferry, one of the most popular real estate coaches in the industry who famously hosts an annual agent.

Why it’s great: 

Ferry has the goods to back it up and understands how mindset can be a game changer when it comes to succeeding in the industry. Check out Tom Ferry’s recently launched group coaching programs that include a Prospecting Bootcamp, a Fast Track Program for new agents, and a Recruiting Roadmap for those wanting to build a team.


Host: Tracey Velt

Best for: 

This weekly podcast from HousingWire’s Tracey Velt provides useful information for agents who want to hear from brokerage leaders, industry experts, and fellow agents who have navigated challenging situations.

Why it’s great: 

Game recognizes game, right? While we may be a bit biased, RealTrending by HousingWire packs a punch with the nitty-gritty details of the industry. Recent topics have included deep dives into the NAR commission lawsuit and settlement, as well as brokerage best practices (and mistakes to avoid) regarding recruitment and retention.


6. Elite Agent Secrets

Host: Andrew Dunn and Peter Dunn

Best for: 

Anyone hungry for trade secrets would do well to tune in to the popular Elite Agent Secrets podcast, whose hosts share the tips and tricks they gathered while proudly “rubbing shoulders with some of the best in real estate.” If you prefer a casual, conversational style, this podcast might be for you.

Why it’s great: 

Elite Agent Secrets is hosted by real estate agents who have generated billions of dollars in transactions. Elite Agent Secrets is a win if you prefer to take guidance from those who have done it before you. You’ll also gain free access to their content. From a free Masterclass training to an online course, they offer plenty of valuable content that won’t cost you a dime.

Best for: 

If you’re looking to scale your business with an astute marketing plan, Canadian agent Jess Lenouvel knows her stuff. Her approach is designed (and works best) for agents making around $250,000 who want to take their business into seven figures.

Why it’s great: 

Informal yet informative, The Listings Lab Podcast with Jess Lenouvel gives you the straight goods on how to increase your revenue. But Lenouvel keeps it real, too. Take, for example, her recent episode where she shares that she drove the same old Honda CR-V until she was “doing multiple seven figures.”


8. Real Estate Training and Coaching School

Host: Tim and Julie Harris

Best for: 

If you’re considering a real estate coach but aren’t quite willing to spend the money on one-to-one coaching, Team Harris pours out some cool and refreshing advice on their daily podcast and delivers fresh content via their newsletter.

Why it’s great: 

Tim and Julie Harris’ Real Estate Training and Coaching School is densely packed with valuable information that both longtime agents and newbies can appreciate. Their advice is well structured, using step-by-step plans and useful tip lists. Don’t expect scintillating conversations with thought leaders. Instead, you’ll find this podcast heavy on tangible business advice you can actually use.


9. 5AM Call

Host: Byron Lazine, Tom Toole, Lisa Chinatti, Sarah Desamoiurs, Scott Kompa and more

Best for: 

Naturally, 5AM Call is a hit with morning people who want a dose of motivation to get their day going. Tuning into this podcast when it’s live can be a great way to start your day. That said, it’s got plenty of value no matter the time of day you tune in.

Why it’s great: 

5AM emphasizes resilience in the face of challenges and serves up a combination of good advice and motivation. Need someone to light a fire under you? This podcast reminds us that the tough times are just another step in our journey. If you love a dose of inspiration paired with motivational mantras (and you don’t cringe at refrigerator magnet wisdom like, “Every setback is feedback”), then 5AM Call might be for you.

Best for: 

If listening to hour-long podcast episodes is your idea of hell, Ward moves with lightning speed through episodes clocking in at around 10 minutes. If you don’t mind a dose of intensity, YES Talk delves into the difficulties of navigating a challenging market with the high-octane intensity of a motivational speaker.

Why it’s great: 

Ward is honest with YES Talk for Real Estate Agents listeners, explaining that he’s a much better coach than he was as an agent. His high-energy attitude can be motivational, yet filled with actionable information that can help you get more business. 

The full picture: The best real estate podcasts for 2024

Being a real estate agent means constantly educating yourself. While you learn plenty of valuable skills out in the field, there’s also a variety of unexpected sources of knowledge that can help you take your career to the next level. When it comes to podcasts, they’re often a quick and easy tool you can grab hold of and absorb while you’re on the go. By constantly absorbing new information about how to become the best agent possible, you’re ultimately laying the foundation for the future you deserve.

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