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Sales Boomerang is a software development company primarily offering marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) services to mortgage professionals. Through its products, mortgage loan officers can be notified of actions or changes to a lead’s profile, including a mortgage inquiry, credit score increase, equity and other life events.

Originally founded in 2017, Sales Boomerang is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. In February 2023, Sales Boomerang unified with Mortgage Coach which saw both companies combine their services into a single platform.

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Sales Boomerang’s automatic borrower intelligence system works to boost its clients’ customer retention 

Mar 01, 2021 12:01 amBy

To succeed in 2021, lenders will need to protect market share. Users of Sales Boomerang spend an average of $240 per loan — much less than the average $1,500-$3,000 cost to acquire a new customer — while gaining an average of 20 to 40% lift in volume.

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Baltimore, Maryland

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Alex Kutsishin Co-Founder, CEO and Chief ROI Booster

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