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Here's how HousingWire readers can get $200 off our next conference

Come hang with us at
We at HousingWire are putting together a first-of-its-kind conference dedicated solely to the wise spending of your hard-earned marketing dollars. And if you read HousingWire, go to the website and put in the code: EditorGuest. You'll get $200 off registration. It's our way of saying thanks to our most loyal readers: You.
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Joe Welu, CEO of Total Expert, to speak at

Leveraging a marketing automation platform to deliver the right message at the right time
It’s an incredibly competitive market out there for real estate and mortgage professionals, and monitoring the activity of potential customers at the top of the funnel is essential for success. That's why we've invited Joe Welu, founder and CEO of Total Expert, to speak at our event on the topic of Leveraging a Marketing Automation Platform.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Facebook responds to HUD’s housing discrimination allegation

Social media giant says discrimination is prohibited by site’s policies
In case you missed it late Friday, HUD accused Facebook of allowing a modern, technologically enhanced form of redlining, wherein Facebook allows advertisers to use its mountains of data to target housing ads to very specific audiences. Here, the company responds. That, and more, in your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee.
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Matt Kaufman, head of marketing at Qualia, to speak at

Find out what the customer journey looks like for B2B
Have you ever gone to a marketing conference and realized most of the content had little relevance for your B2B business? We know the feeling. The B2B marketing funnel is distinct in several nuanced and important ways, which is why we invited Matt Kaufman, the head of marketing at Qualia, to lead a session at our event designed just for B2B marketers.
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Barbara Yolles, chief strategy officer at TMS, to speak at

Join us for a master class on marketing in the Millennial era
Everyone has an opinion on how to best reach Millennial borrowers, but real data is hard to find. That's why we've invited marketing veteran Barbara Yolles, chief strategy officer at TMS, to speak at at a session titled: Creating Trust with First-Time Homebuyers: A Master Class on Marketing in the Millennial Era. The master class will include data from a recent TMS survey that details what Millennial homebuyers are looking for in a lender. 
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A little less regulation from the CFPB, a little more action from the states

Why decreases in federal oversight brings more regulations
More and more, state regulators are stepping up to fill the void left by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Because of this phenomenon, deregulation at the federal level could actually be creating new (and more complex) compliance challenges, especially for nonbank lenders and servicers that must be licensed in all 51 jurisdictions.
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Building a MarTech stack for the digital transformation era

What lenders really want
The mortgage industry is racing to catch up to consumer expectations around online commerce – and marketing technology is taking center stage. But at the core, loan officers don't actually want technology; they want what technology – your marketing tech stack – can do for them.
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Adam Constantine, digital content strategist at Movement Mortgage, to speak at

Learn how to navigate the ever-changing social media landscape
Developing a successful social media strategy can feel like log-rolling — it takes crazy-fast footwork just to stay afloat, and if you look away for just a minute, you end up in some deep water. That’s why we’ve invited Adam Constantine, digital content strategist at Movement Mortgage, to speak on effective social marketing at Adam will join Chidi Erike, marketing science lead at Facebook, for what is sure to be a lively panel in our B2C track titled: Social Selling: Building relationships through Social Media.
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Cory Treffiletti, CMO of Voicera, to speak at

Marketing expert will talk about the Next Big Thing: voice, virtual reality and augmented reality
I love shiny new technology — we all do! But beyond the cool factor, evaluating which new technology your company needs to embrace for marketing can feel like reading tea leaves. That’s why I’m so excited about the panel on The Next Big Thing at our event. We’ve invited Cory Treffiletti, the chief marketing officer of Voicera, to give us the inside scoop on virtual reality, augmented reality and voice, among other promising new technologies.
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