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Industry advice: Homebuyer education benefits lenders, homeowners, and the industry

Homebuyer education is money well spent
[Expert commentary] When borrowers who seemed promising don’t qualify, what can lenders do? Many are using homebuyer education to give these borrowers a positive path forward. Homebuyer education can help borrowers improve their credit score and understand the long-term commitments of homeownership. It’s up to all of us professionals to spread the word about this.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: What will Amazon's new HQ do to home prices?

Trump to announce new Fed chair this week
The deadline officially closed on applications to be the home of Amazon’s second headquarters. While the new headquarters is projected to create up to 50,000 new jobs, one negative side effect could be rising home prices for the city. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is expected to announce next week who the much-anticipated Federal Reserve chair will be.
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Mortgage lenders: Here's your blockchain primer

One of the more exciting and misunderstood technologies today
[Expert Commentary] Blockchain is one of the more exciting – and often misunderstood – technologies being explored today. It offers the ability to record and track transactions in a decentralized database. Blockchain has the potential to change the game in the financial services industry by not only speeding up and providing complete visibility into financial transactions, but also significantly reducing costs.
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Fannie Mae: An update on Day 1 Certainty one year later

What we’ve learned and where we’re going
[Expert Commentary] Over the last year, more than 1,000 lenders signed up for one or more of Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty services. Now, based on another year of listening and learning, Fannie Mae is building on the foundation laid last year with its new product offerings.
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Looking to hire? Here’s how top mortgage companies are winning over new talent

Tips from MBA Annual 2017
[Commentary] Amid small talk around the exhibit hall and during interviews at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Annual convention and expo in Denver, I tossed in a side question on a current topic that’s been on my mind, “How are you locking in young professionals and what are you doing to retain them?” Here’s the feedback executives gave.
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Avoid the Folsom Prison blues: Why eNote adoption is on the rise

Hampered by uncertainty and misunderstanding
[Exclusive Op-ed from MERS] Make bad decisions and you’ll be left behind - this theme is driving a quiet surge within the mortgage industry to move primary mortgage origination to a completely digital consumer experience. However, despite these clear benefits, eNote adoption has been hampered by uncertainty and misunderstanding.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Tech talk begins at #MBAAnnual17

Companies launch new digital developments
The housing finance industry is gathering this week in Denver, as the Mortgage Bankers Association’s annual event kicks off. HousingWire’s own Ben Lane sent in a report from the field. Also, experts explained Trump’s pick for the next Fed chair will show where his priorities lie: low-interest rates or deregulation.
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Mortgage industry mobilizes for MBA annual

Here's how HousingWire has your back!
If your day today is anything like the day of the HousingWire staff, you’re up to your ears in preparation for the Mortgage Bankers Association annual meeting in Denver next week. Rest assured, we're getting prepared too, and here's how.
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