In the past two years, Wells Fargo (WFC) offered more than 4.4 million homeowners new low-rate loans and did more than 704,000 loan modifications for mortgages in its servicing portfolio, the bank said this week. About 85% of its loan modifications were completed through Wells Fargo programs, while 105,404 modifications were handled through the government's Home Affordable Modification Program. As of the second quarter, 93% of home loans in the company's servicing portfolio were current on payments. Fewer than 2% of owner-occupied loans in the  servicing portfolio proceeded to foreclosure sale in the past year. During July, 404,000 distressed borrowers received some type of counseling, with 10.9 million borrowers underwater, or owing more than the property is worth, nationwide, according to the Obama administration's August housing scorecard. The government cited statistics showing prime mortgages with a delinquency rate of 4.5%, compared to 33.2% among subprime loans and 12.2% for FHA loans. About 3.65 million existing homes were on the sales block in July. Write to: Kerri Panchuk.