The rate of 60+ day delinquencies among US mortgages fell 12 basis points (bps) to 6.77% in Q110, from 6.89% in the previous quarter, according to market research by credit bureau TransUnion. It marks the first quarterly decline since 2006, after 12 consecutive quarterly increases. On a yearly basis, however, the delinquency rate is up nearly 30% -- or 155bps -- from 5.22% in Q109. Nevada (15.98%) and Florida (14.65%) continued to lead the states in terms of the highest delinquency rates in Q110. North Dakota (1.76%), South Dakota (2.44%) and Nebraska (2.68%) had the lowest mortgage delinquency rates: TransUnion, one of the major US credit bureaus, conducts a survey of exactly 27m credit files from its total consumer base, or about one in every nine consumer files in its database of 250m consumer files each quarter. TransUnion previously projected mortgage delinquency rates to begin leveling off in mid-2010. Considering actual delinquency rates are lower in Q110 than previous projections, the firm said said this forecast could be conservative. "Based on revised economic assumptions, which are now more optimistic than before, TransUnion believes that the 60-day mortgage delinquency rate will likely continue to drop in 2010, possibly to as low as 6.3%," said FJ Guarrera, vice president of the TransUnion financial services business unit, in a press release. Write to Diana Golobay.