Regulatory changes in the servicing industry prompted ProVest to take a proactive role in expanding its compliance and audit departments.

The company said this week that as a provider of foreclosure-related legal documents and other foreclosure services, it is adding staff and enhancing training for staff members as the servicing space continues to deal with an influx of regulatory changes.

"Our business continues to grow as more law firms and servicers look for partners who have a solid track record and one that can also work expediently, which is crucial in this day and age," said Vic Draper, executive vice president at ProVest. "Stability in a business partner is paramount, and ProVest continues to invest our resources in giving our clients the best service available."

The expansion is part of Provest's mission to create a culture of compliance through internal teams that can track and implement regulatory changes.

The company continues to invest in 15 locations across the country, adding personnel and refining communications.