With all the recent chatter regarding a borrower’s ‘ability to pay,’ NCS has decided to expand its credit reporting platform to hone in on quality assurance. The New Jersey-based firm made the move to provide lenders with more pertinent relevant information about a borrower’s assets versus their liabilities. "In the industry, everyone’s shaking in their boots. You have to verify once, twice, three times and no one wants to make a loan," said Curt Knuth, executive vice president of NCS. "We simplify the lender’s job by customizing certain scenarios in the credit report." NCS pulls a borrower’s credit report and turns it into a debt summary that includes revolving charges, delinquencies, and wages. The firm also provides verification of employment services, which it can turn around in as little as 30 minutes. Its TRV (tax return verification) service, launched in 1994, was the first one available nationwide. Knuth said NCS currently functions for origination agencies, but that he would like to move into the origination side eventually. It’s all about the solidification of the verification process that makes NCS so successful. “Lenders are seeing all these new laws and saying, ‘oh my god I have so much to do,’” Knuth said. “We take the hassle out of the lender’s pocket.” Write to Christine Ricciardi.