Moody's Wall Street Analytics said Thursday that its cashflow analytics platform, Structured Finance Workstation, has been expanded to offer an extensive library of cashflow waterfalls and loan-level data to meet the needs of structured finance market participants. "The addition of the waterfall and loan-level data library to the Structured Finance Workstation will allow fixed income investors and other market participants to evaluate cashflows in a securitization with greater precision," said Jacob Grotta, senior director at Moody's Wall Street Analytics. "The loan-level detail of the library gives users much greater insight into their US RMBS positions." The integrated deal library contains waterfall models and loan-level information on current US subprime securitizations, and offers full CDO analysis capabilitites. In the coming months, MWSA said it plans to expand the deal library to include prime, Alt-A, and asset-backed securities in the US and EMEA -- not surprising, since there isn't exactly a lively market for subprime RMBS right now, or likely anytime in the near future. The company said that the addition of loan-level data and editable waterfalls to the Structured Finance Workstation is a direct response to requests for a tool that brings greater transparency, flexibility and precision to investment analysis in today's RMBS market. For more information, visit