Fewer Americans filed jobless claims for the week ending June 16, but the drop was marginal and did little to turn the recent tide of negative economic news.

For the week ending June 16, 387,000 jobless claims were filed in the U.S., a decrease of 2,000 filings from the 389,000 applications recorded a week earlier.  The four-week moving average hit 386,250, down from 3,500 a week earlier.

The total number of individuals claiming jobless benefits hit 5.8 million for the week ending June 2, a decline of 1,164 from the week earlier period.

The largest increases in unemployment claims for the week ending June 9 occurred in California (12,987 new claims), Pennsylvania (7,036), Texas (4,028), Georgia (3,686),  and North Carolina (3,148). The steepest decreases occurred in Missouri, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Nevada and Minnesota.