Indecomm Global Services acquired the assets of Mortgage U, allowing the company to expand its learning and mortgage training offerings as well as its total compliance support and consulting. 

Indecomm’s new mortgage learning services will be branded as Indecomm-Mortgage U. 

"The acquisition of Mortgage U completes a process begun over two years ago when Indecomm and Mortgage U signed an alliance agreement," said Rajan Nair, president of Financial Services at Indecomm Global Services. "Mortgage U and Indecomm share a common philosophy and dedication to clients across a wide spectrum. It is a virtuous cycle of technology and content, which will enhance Indecomm’s ability to serve our clients."

The acquisition comes at a time when the industry is witnessing a surge of new regulations that are redefining the business. 

Clients will be offered an expansion of products and services, including Health Check, which enables companies to measure and monitor their policies and procedures. 

"Well integrated training programs can help a client avoid feeling like they are compliance companies that try to close loans once in a while," said Alice Alvey, president and cofounder of Mortgage U.

She added, "With Indecomm-Mortgage U, all the elements are integrated together for our clients. We will be in a position to provide compliance training to our clients, guiding them on operational implementation and effective customer service. Partnering with Indecomm will help our clients become compliant with new regulations while they improve their bottom line."