Improvements in mortgage availability and the belief that prices have hit rock bottom has buyers moving in the Southern California and the San Diego Bay area, according to La Jolla-based data analyzer MDA DataQuick. In So Cal, buyers are responding to price cuts on mid- to high-end homes and the availability of credit for pricier homes. There were a 23,262 total new and existing homes and condo sales completed in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino counties in June, up 12% from May. While foreclosures are still having an impact on the SoCal market, the effect is weakening. Foreclosure sales made up 45.3% of resales in June, down from 49.7% in May and the February peak of 56.7%. Fewer foreclosure sales meant resale of homes priced $500,000 and above rose to represent nearly 20% of all sales in the SoCal region. It’s the first time that segment of the market made up more than 19% of all sales since October 2008, and comes after that figure had dipped to a low of 13.4% in January. The increase in pricier home sales helped increase the median sales price for the second consecutive month to $265,000, up 6.4% from $249,000 in May. DataQuick president John Walsh said the numbers should be viewed with cautious optimism. “The rising median should still be viewed mainly as a sign the market’s moving back toward a more normal distribution of sales across the home price spectrum," he said in a press release. "Sales in many higher-cost neighborhoods couldn’t have gotten much lower, so this recent uptick in activity should come as no surprise.” Walsh added: “The recession and problem mortgages are fueling more high-end distress, hence more high-end ‘bargains.’ What’s missing, still, is a wide-open financing spigot for the would-be buyers of these more expensive homes.” In the nine-county San Diego Bay area, sales were up 16.1% from 7,447 in May to 8,644 in June. The median price paid for those homes and condos was $352,000 last month, up 3.1 percent from $341,500 in May, the highest since the median was $375,000 in October 2008. The percentage of foreclosure sales dropped to 37.3% in June, down from 40.5% in May, and is at its lowest point since August 2008 when foreclosure sales made up 36% of all transactions. Write to Austin Kilgore.