The Georgia House of Representatives approved a bill earlier in March to amend language of the mortgage lending process to include the execution of deeds of power of sale and the execution of assignments. The bill also gives the attorney general and district attorneys across the Peach State increased subpoena power for "any books, papers, documents or other tangible things, including records and documents contained within, or generated by, a computer or other electronic device" when investigating potential foreclosure fraud. House Bill 237 was sponsored by state Rep. Rich Golick and co-sponsored by Rep. Greg Morris and Rep. Mark Hatfield. All three are Republicans. The bill, which awaits approval from the Senate, passed 168 to 1. The bill is a key part of the legislative agenda of new Georgia AG Sam Olens, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The bill also criminalizes misstatements with the intent to defraud consumers during the foreclosure process in Georgia, which is a nonjudicial state. Write to Jason Philyaw.