Philadelphia Housing Authority Executive Director Carl Greene announced that he would be taking several weeks leave to get his personal affairs in order. His decision comes following disclosure that he had fallen five months behind on his home mortgage payments and faced foreclosure proceedings. He has now paid his mortgage through October and has hired an accountant to review all his personal finances to make sure everything is in order. “My lack of attention to my personal financial dealings is a failure on my part. I want to assure the citizens of Philadelphia as well as the employees and residents of PHA that the problems I have created for myself personally have not affected my stewardship of the housing authority. We continue to be a dynamic organization and a leader in the development and management of affordable housing,” said Greene. Greene concedes the stresses of a job that demands his attention seven days a week have left him mentally and physically exhausted. “I plan to do something I have not done in my 13 years in Philadelphia -- take an extended vacation, get recharged and come back better and stronger,” he said.