Nearly two weeks after announcing their partnership with RE/MAX and a week after educating agents about their technology at the RE/MAX R4 Convention in Las Vegas, RES.NET is continuing to reveal big news.

Todd Mobraten, COO and president of RES.NET talked with HousingWire about the success of the conference and the growth of their technology since announcing a partnership with RE/MAX. But the real reveal came when Mobraten informed HousingWire that RES.NET is preparing to go global.

“We’ve been asked over the last 10 years by some of our global mortgage servicing customers to take it into other countries: the U.K., Spain, Portugal and we’ve kindly turned them down because these countries have different ways that the real estate flow works. Obviously there’s a language difference that would have to be catered to and we just weren’t ready for that,” said Mobraten.

With RE/MAX being a global franchise, RES.NET had an overwhelming response at the recent conference from Canada saying that Canadian brokers want RES.NET technology in their country.

“Canada’s so close to the U.S. in the way they do real estate transactions. So we’re actually gearing up RES.NET to roll into Canada in the next 45 days. We already have a pretty large customer base that’s ready to take it on,” Mobraten added.

Additionally, there have been other countries that want to franchise the RES.NET product and rewrite the frontend of the software to fit the language and the flow process and they would sell it out from a franchise standpoint in these other countries, according to Mobraten.

“So RES.NET is getting ready to go global and that’s a big deal for us,” Mobraten concluded.

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