A new feature accessible through Ellie Mae’s Encompass360 loan origination software (LOS) adds customer lead management functions and product pricing engine (PPE) capabilities. Mortech, the Nebraska-based developer of Marksman, a PPE and lead management software, said its users can now access the software through ePass, a software platform that connects third party mortgage software with California-based Ellie Mae’s Encompass360 loan origination software. While there are other PPE and lead management software products already integrated into Encompass360 via ePass, Mortech claims Marksman is the first software that combines both functions that’s available through the platform. “Not only can mortgage professionals price loans and process them in a robust LOS system, but now lenders can manage their leads prior to them being them auto-populated into the LOS system,” Mortech said. The integration also works the other way: lenders can access pricing information in Marksman without leaving their Encompass account. A user logged into Marksman can also export leads into Encompass360 in the process of creating a new loan file. “It is imperative to work with business partners whose strengths we can leverage within a single interface,” says President and Chief Executive Officer Monte Robbins of CapWest Mortgage Corporation, a user of both Encompass360 and Marksman. “The integration of these powerful technologies has helped increase our productivity and efficiency, while complementing our primary focus of providing a superior customer experience.” The Mortech-Ellie Mae deal comes just weeks after Mortech and Google officially announced a partnership for Google’s [GOOG] new mortgage rate search and comparison tool. “Encompass and Encompass360 facilitate connections that make it faster, easier and more efficient to conduct business,” says Chief Strategy Officer Jonathan Corr for Ellie Mae. “Freedom of choice, combined with the ability to do more in less time, is something that our customers have come to rely on us to provide. We’re very pleased to be bringing Encompass users a seamless way to access all of the features and benefits of the Mortech Marksman solution.” Write to Austin Kilgore. The author held no relevant investments.