Editor's note: This excerpt highlights coverage in this month's HW MagazineSubscribe now to get the full story. During the late August Conference on the Future of Housing Finance held at the U.S. Treasury — and moderated by the one and only Timothy Geithner — the main event dealt with an incredible scope of issues. The vaunted halls, long cleared of any hard cash that one might expect to see flowing freely within, seemed to be an appropriate place for mortgage finance and housing industry players to vent over current issues facing their prospective markets, to politicize, and to finger point. At least, that seemed to be the modus operandi of the day for those downstairs; there was little focus on substance and real solutions needed to get a broken market put back together again. No, they saved that portion for the fifth floor. That afternoon, far away from the self-promoting grandstanding going on downstairs, a 15-strong panel including some key private investors brainstormed ways and means towards fixing securitization. TO READ THE FULL STORY, SUBSCRIBE NOW.