The state of California received a disproportionate share of relief dollars from the 49-state national mortgage settlement, according to data released this week.

Katherine Porter, a law professor from the University of California at Irvine and monitor for the California AG’s bank and settlement oversight program, released a report that shows California receiving 40% to 41% of all relief dollars dispensed as part of the $25 billion national mortgage settlement announced in 2012.

As for why the hardest hit state outpaced other jurisdictions in terms of receiving aid, Porter says the state has been proactive in making consumers and housing counselors aware of the program.

In addition, the state’s Homeowner Bill of Rights, which forces the issue of loss mitigation, also "changes the incentive of banks," Porter told HousingWire. "You are going to have to consider a loss mitigation offer going forward, so you might as well do so under the settlement."

About 42,000 homeowners in California benefitted from the complete extinguishment of second liens,  compared to 164,328 nationally.

"We are seeing complete elimination of the second mortgage," Porter noted. "It’s not only extinguished, but reported paid in full to the credit bureau. That is a very positive thing for a family because it brings down their monthly payment."