ANOW tech moves into U.S. market, bringing lender solutions with it

Nations Valuation Services, Anow partner to speed up the appraisal process

Nations Valuation Services, the appraisal services division of the Nations Companies, recently announced its AppraisalTRAX solution is now integrated within ANOW’s enterprise software.

ANOW, a Canadian-based appraisal software company, claims to be the technology behind thousands of appraisal offices across North America. 

Through this integration, NVS will be able to utilize ANOW's technology to reduce the time American lenders spend waiting for an appraisal.

In fact, appraisals submitted by NVS appraisers will run through ANOW, allowing the entire NVS appraisal network to tap into the platform’s time-saving and collaborative features, according to NVS Executive Vice President of Operations Matthew Scott.

“Anow has been thoughtfully architected to enable firms like NVS to better communicate with appraisers and, in turn, offer vastly superior service to lenders,” Anow Founder and President Marty Haldane said. “Appraisers that build their businesses around the mortgage industry’s demands and cycles must work hand in glove with lenders’ priorities, which typically are speed of job completion, quality of work and borrower satisfaction.”

Anow’s software features the industry’s “first” unified appraisal tracking platform, enabling appraisal businesses to manage orders, clients and fees. Notably, the software also includes fully customized workflows, automated status updates, end-to-end activity tracking, unlimited scalability and more, according to NVS.

The company explained that not only will ANOW’s proprietary calendaring system enable rapid response to mortgage lenders demands, but it will also match appraisers with properties to ensure that tight underwriting requirements and closing deadlines are met.

“Mortgage lenders are moving quickly to drive down overall turn times so they can lock and fund loans, and the appraiser is a key piece of that,” Scott said. “Appraisers who adopt technology to make themselves more organized and efficient are going to be able to take on and manage more business, and they’ll do so in a much less stressed environment.”

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