Christina Boyle, chief client officer of Freddie Mac, has been at the forefront of the integration between the physical and digital capabilities that support Freddie’s client engagement.

She is the force behind Freddie’s pursuit of customer satisfaction through the creation of a best-in-class customer experience. Vanguard logo

Christina BoyleBoyle led the GSE through the transformation and culture shift with a verve born of her passion for excellence and the thrill of improving both the customer experience and employee buy-in.

Boyle has been integral to the “Borrower of the Future” campaign, a program meant to identify the needs lifestyles and challenges facing the next generation of homebuyers.

So far, Boyle and her team identified five key forces that are reshaping how homebuyers think about themselves, their families and their futures: a growing diversity among potential homebuyers; new ideas about sharing, ownership and work; an expectation for frictionless, on-demand digital experiences; increasing financial pressures, such as student debt, that make it hard to afford a traditional 20% down payment; and many Baby Boomers deciding to age in place.

Boyle’s goal is to help Freddie Mac’s single-family business communicate with lenders how to reach the borrowers of the future, confront socioeconomic shifts and better serve these borrowers.

Boyle leads with the mentality of doing more than is expected of her and works to instill that mentality of excellence in her team at Freddie Mac.

What one habit has made a crucial difference in your success?

“The habit that has been crucial to Chris’ success is always doing more than was expected – preferably, quite a bit more. As an immigrant to this country from the UK, she believed her family had a debt to pay for their new American life.”

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