Kevin Tomlinson wanted $800,000, but the South Beach Realtor received 15 years of probation instead, according to an article from the Miami Herald.

In June, Tomlinson was found guilty of extorting money from rival celebrity and luxury Realtors Jill Hertzberg and Jill Eber.

After discovering “The Jills” had improved their track record by hiding properties that had been listed longer than six months, Tomlinson allegedly threatened to ruin their reputations if they didn’t cough up funds.

The Jills decided to seek council from Miami Beach detectives and take Tomlinson to court instead.

The pair pleaded that Tomlinson receive a lengthy jail sentence, but the judge didn’t exactly throw the book at him.

Florida’s sentencing guidelines for extortion, although not mandatory, mandate a minimum sentencing of 19 months, according to the article.

Tomlinson’s guilty verdict won’t come with time behind bars, but that doesn’t mean he gets off too easy.

Not only has Tomlinson’s real estate license been stripped, but he will be serving a two-year sentence of “community control,” a form of house arrest, according to the article.

Miami Herald

(Source: C.M. Guerrero)