Digital mortgage company and 2018 HW Tech100 winner Better Mortgage announced this week it has expanded its services to three new states. 

The company explained that its expansion into Mississippi, Iowa, and South Dakota, brings it closer to the company’s goal of offering affordable, accessible, and transparent home lending services to prospective homebuyers.

The company explained in a press release that it will now be able to reach 7 million additional potential homebuyers, bringing the company’s market reach to 19 states. Earlier this year, Better Mortgage began offering its services in Michigan and Tennessee.

“We’ve taken great care to study the issues facing the average homebuyer, from rising mortgage rates to tight housing inventory, in order to improve our services and tailor them to the specific needs of every market within each state that we operate,” said Eric Wilson, head of lending innovation & operations for the company. 

Better’s platform works by moving the mortgage process completely online. Its customers are able to upload and eSign documents, have instant access to affordable lending discounts, and receive recommendations on the right mortgage products for them.

“At Better, we want to make homeownership an option for every American – it’s at the core of what we do,” said Vishal Garg, CEO and co-founder of Better Mortgage. “One small piece standing in our way is being licensed in every state. This move gets us one step further. We'll offer our customers in these states a 21st century home financing experience that’s proven to be much simpler and much more affordable.”