With HECM endorsement volume growth poised drift back into year-over-year declines, smaller states are appearing to grow at faster rates than larger states.

According to the latest Industry Trends Report from Reverse Market Insight, even though HECM endorsement volume remains at 5.5% above the previous year, the trend is pointing to a decline before the year is done.

Among the top ten states for endorsement volume growth in 2010, only one is currently a top ten state for volume.  The rest are below 25th.  The top ten with their current volume rank are: Mississippi (24), South Dakota (51), North Dakota (52), Iowa (43), Minnesota (25), Wyoming (48), North Carolina (9), Kentucky (36) and Arkansas (50).  From the current top 5 in endorsements, Pennsylvania ranked the highest at 12th.  Texas, the second top producer was 24th for growth percentage.  The top producing state, California was 34th.

The bright spot of the current trends is that only 18 of 52 states (including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico) have growth rates below the national average.