AARP and WGBH-TV launched a 5-part on-line reality series that features ten baby boomers while on a retreat to deal with troubled relationships and explore ways to live the lives they always wanted with  national experts and one another.


The series, entitled "5 Weeks to a New Life," began with the first episode, "Week 1: Marriage - Real-time Communication." Each week will address a different topic that boomers face, moving from marriage, to staying sexually active throughout life, maintaining appearance without resorting to Botox, financing dreams, and finally, living life with a purpose.

Hosted by Hugh Delehante, SVP & Editor-in-Chief of AARP's Media Properties is designed to provide viewers innovative was to interact with the series through an online community and questions and answers with leading experts on personal change.

“We live in a fast-changing world, and sooner or later a lot of us reach a point when we need to step back and rethink our lives,” said Delehanty. “That’s what’s unique about this series. It gives viewers a chance to take a break from their frenzied lives and learn proven strategies for living your dreams.”

As viewers watch each episode, they are given the opportunity to discuss questions with the online community, take quizzes, or read additional information or blog posts from participants.

The online only series marks an approach by AARP that indicates their expectation that baby boomers are more comfortable navigating and interacting with online only delivered content.

In the introduction, Hugh Delehanty asks viewers if they are ready to make a change and live they life they want by learning through the ten participants in the retreat: