Designed for clients leading out in the digital mortgage age, Solex eSign is an all-in-one solution that is directly integrated with Docutech’s dynamic document generation engine, ConformX, to support streamlined processes and seamless workflows. Using Solex eSign, lenders can access the most comprehensive library of documents in the lending industry and facilitate eDelivery and eSignature anytime, anywhere, from any device.

docutech logo“The ability to push eSignatures to a mobile setting is crucial for today’s lenders. Without the ability to provide their customers convenient, 24/7 access to documents and signatures, a lender is much less competitive in today’s instantaneous, technology-rich environment,” said Harry Gardner, executive vice president of eStrategies for Docutech. 

The technology was developed to help financial institutions better meet the needs of today’s customers, who are increasingly coming to expect convenience and instant access to the information they need from the companies they conduct business with. Solex enables lenders to transfer document signing to a digital setting, enhancing the borrower experience in a number of ways. docutech box

For example, with eDelivery, borrowers can review loan documents in advance of the closing table so they have plenty of time to ask questions and can have a better understanding of the terms of their loan before they sign. Solex then provides an easy-to-use, intuitive and mobile-responsive interface where they can sign documents from any location on any device, making the process quick and convenient. 

Solex also supports other unique features; for example, borrowers can save their progress and return to documents later. Branded with the lender’s logo, Solex enables lenders to expedite the loan process to minimize the time between filling out the loan application and the borrower being able to complete their dream purchase.

But borrowers aren’t the only ones who benefit from Solex’s efficiency. Lenders can improve efficiencies and compliance by generating dynamic documents, pushing them to the borrower to sign, and then receiving and storing them in Docutech’s secure eVault, all within the same platform.

Solex captures the completed data for every signature or form-fill item along with the date/time each occurred. Once completed and submitted, Solex then creates an audit log with a tamper-evident seal so lenders are able to track all package types and events, including eConsent, eReview and eSign.

With additional features such as two-factor authentication, single-sign-on, full disaster recovery, failover print fulfillment, and access to the industry’s most trusted eVault, Docutech promises an eSigning platform that ensures the utmost security. 

“Solex is an integral development in Docutech’s mission to help lenders improve compliance, streamline document operations, improve the borrower experience, and facilitate a complete eMortgage,” Gardner said.