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Charlotte Tyson doesn’t believe the reasons companies struggle to integrate TRID are as obvious to the industry as they are to her. 

As the director of customer consulting for Genworth Mortgage Insurance, Tyson tours the country identifying and offering solutions to what she believes is a continual problem: not enough attention is paid to the process work before overlaying new technology into platforms. As she puts it, “the product/loan itself is a commodity, but the operational performance is the differentiator, and technology plays a huge role in that.” 

Tyson, who has been with Genworth since 1988, believes the industry is so fearful about being compliant and meeting deadlines that a company will sometimes skip the critical groundwork needed to ensure their processes are compliant, sustainable and efficient in the long run. 

In her role for Genworth Mortgage Insurance, Tyson books between six and eight speaking engagements each year on this topic with state-level mortgage banking and lender associations. She also presents five to 10 times each year to executive-level management teams at lenders of all sizes, usually regional banks or mortgage bankers.

Throughout a typical year, Tyson interacts with 75 to 125 individual lenders, visiting their offices and analyzing their process from application through funding. She then provides recommendations and best practices on how to improve process performance. Tyson’s industry leadership stems from the demand for her skill set and the versatility of the professionals she works with, from the C-suite level down to front-line employees. 

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