Tucker name

Justin Tucker was employee No. 4 of a now 1,000-person company, and instrumental in creating the vision, message and direction of WFG National Title Insurance Company.

Tucker was one of the visionaries behind WFG’s MyHome Consumer Dashboard and a principal architect in WFG’s TIP’s Ecosystem. He was also the driving force behind the SPARK and REFRESH conferences — onsite events for title agents and Realtors.

As CMO, he spearheaded WFG’s growth to become the nation’s sixth-largest underwriter within only a few years, receiving the WFG WOW award, the most prestigious award given by WFG. He consistently championed a marketing approach unique to the title industry, based upon introducing new sales technology to the clients of WFG’s clients.

After its successful launch and expansion, Tucker was named CMO for sister company west in 2016 and charged with its roll-out and branding. 


I’ve really worked hard on the habit of listening. Far too often we find ourselves planning our response as the other person is speaking — completely missing what the other person has to say. There are incredibly bright people in this industry. I work hard every day at learning from everyone I can — inside and outside of our industry — and  using critical thinking as well as emotional intelligence as a filter for where to focus. I never want to get the feeling that I have it all figured out because I plan on being better tomorrow than I am today.