Remine, a big data and predictive analytics provider, will announce Thursday its contract with the multiple listing service in Houston to bring its services to the area.

The Houston Association of Realtors signed a multiyear license with Remine, which will bring its services to more than 36,000 Realtors in the area.

“Remine will provide agents with powerful new data based tools that will improve the way they provide service to their customers, identify new listings, connect with buyers and stay in touch with their clients,” HAR Chair Cindy Hamann said.

With the new software, Realtors will be able to search a property and see the location on a map, instead of in a list format. Remine also offers other functions such as seeing the previous sale price, if the owner lives in the property and how long the homeowner owned the home, and therefore how much equity they could have built up.

Realtors can also see the RPI score, or the score that rates how likely the homeowner is to sell their home, Remine previously explained to HousingWire. The homes are given a score from one to 100, with higher scores indicating higher likelihood of the homeowner wanting to sell their home.

“It’s a real badge of honor to be working with Bob and the HAR team,” Remine CEO Leo Pareja said. “Bob is a real visionary of the industry; to have his endorsement means a lot to us.”

“We are excited to bring the Remine intelligence platform to such a forward-thinking organization,” Pareja said. “HAR is a milestone agreement for Remine, bringing us over 200,000 agents under contract via our MLS agreements since the beginning of the year.”

The new contract with Houston is the latest in a series of new contracts including expansions into the Texas metros of El Paso and DallasMichigan and Alaska.