Out of a list of Fortune’s 100 best workplaces for Millennials, Quicken Loans came in second. In addition, United Shore and Navy Federal Credit Union also appear on the list.

Fortune’s survey is the result of a survey of over 88,000 Millennials in more than 600 companies that have been certified as great places to work.

Quicken Loans, an online lender founded in 1985, contains 11,504 employees, of which 63% are Millennials.

“The company really looks at what people are good at and helps put them in the position to make the biggest impact possible,” one Millennial said in the survey.

Some of the perks the company offers includes its Live Downtown Program, where the company gives financial incentives to live in central Detroit, Bullet Time, where employees receive four hours a week to work on something they are passionate about, even if it has nothing to do with the company, and ISM’s Day, where the founder and CEO give a deep look into the company. The company also offers other incentives such as free trips to places such as Greece, Cancun, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

Navy Federal Credit Union came in on the list as number 13. The company employs 12,829 people, 45% of which are Millennials.  

“Navy Federal is constantly emphasizing empowerment. I’m taught to use my resources and make decisions based on my knowledge and best judgment,” a Millennial said in the survey.

Some of the company’s perks include its Partners in Performance program, which awards employees for their achievements even outside of work, employee wellness program, with onside wellness centers and its employee events and programs, where the company hosts annual events such as family picnics and Oscar-style award ceremonies.

Finally, United Shore, home of United Wholesale Mortgage, also appears on the list as number 85. It has 1,289 employees, of which 56% are Millennials.

“The leadership at United Shore does a great job of empowering team members to make decisions,” said a Millennial in the survey. “You are definitely held accountable, but you know that you have the power to influence change.”

Some of the perks the company offers include free valet parking, free tickets to the National Basketball Association team the Detroit Pistons, an onsite fitness center and starbucks and a fair open to employees and their families with free drinks, food and rides.

As many lenders approach retirement age, they are looking at Millennials to continue the profession. Unfortunately, however, very few are interested. For tips on how attract and hire Millennials in today’s aging mortgage industry, click here, here and here.