Hurry! Snapchat is still uncharted water for real estate agents.

While Snapchat isn’t new to the social media world,  real estate agents are hesitant to jump on board, leaving a lot of potential for those who do start using it now.

In a post on Medium, Jason Frazier, chief information officer for Mason-McDuffie Mortgage, gave some simple tips on how to use Snapchat to grow a following.

Tip #1:

Be HYPER-LOCAL — What this means is use snapchat to talk and show the coolest spots in your market.

Tip #2:

Be authentic — Don’t worry about being polished. Polished is white noise in marketing, especially in this industry.

Tip #3:

Be patient — Just like with all social media, it is a marathon, not a sprint.

Tip #4:

Download the GhostCodes app — A Snapchat guru that I follow is Carlos Gil

As an added bonus, Frazier included usernames of people who are killing it at Snapchat to follow.

  • Snapchat Guru: thecarlosgil
  • Real Estate Agent Example: steelesdhomes
  • Social Media and Business Expert: garyvee