The most competitive neighborhoods in 2015 are all located in just four cities, Redfin’s latest housing report found.

However, this doesn’t come as any shock given that these cities -- Boston, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco -- are also among the nation’s prominent technology hubs.

“These four metro areas have set themselves apart in terms of attracting and creating high-wage jobs in tech, pharma, and finance and that has heated up the local housing market. When a short supply of homes collides with high-income homebuyers you get this hot, hyper-competitive climate,” said Redfin Chief Economist Nela Richardson.

Here are the 10 most competitive neighborhoods for homebuyers in 2015:

10. Cambridgeport (Cambridge), Boston

9. Phinney Ridge, Seattle

8. Central Sunset, San Francisco

7. Grass Lawn (Redmond), Seattle

6. Spring Hill (Somerville), Boston

5. Hawthorne, Portland

4. Roosevelt, Seattle

3. Brighton/Allston, Boston

2. Overlake (Redmond), Seattle

1. Inman Square (Cambridge), Boston