While it is not a shocker that the holidays, Thanksgiving included, cause a slow down in real estate, realtor.com decided to find out just how severe the impact is on business.

In order to measure people’s interest in shopping for a home, realtor.com said it used traffic data on the site from throughout 2014.

Since it is known that traffic is much lower on an actual holiday, realtor.com went a different route with its questions. How much is it impacted directly afterwards? And in different parts of the country?

We compared the traffic data for realtor.com on Thanksgiving Day 2014 with that of an average day in 2014’s fourth quarter, and then we identified states where house-hunting activity appeared to be most and least impacted by the holiday.

Here’s the map they published.

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Source: realtor.com

Check the article to see how fast business bounces back after Thanksgiving.