MCS Valuations, a nationwide provider of appraisals, broker price opinions, and other valuation-related products to the financial services industry, announced Tuesday that it will be closing Utah office and consolidating its operations into several of its other locations.

According to a release from the company, MCS Valuations will close its Sandy, Utah office and move its operations into its Plano, Texas headquarters, as well as the Tampa, Florida, and Ruston, Louisiana, offices of MCS’ sister company, Mortgage Contracting Services.

“After nearly a year of evaluating the skills and experience of our management and staff in our various offices, we made the business decision that we could best serve our valuations customers by consolidating our valuations operation into our other locations,” MCS Valuations CEO Caroline Reaves said.

“This will allow us to leverage our quality control, audit and business continuity capabilities, and better serve our clients by supporting all our products at centralized sites,” Reaves continued.

According to the company, all MCS Valuations employees will have the opportunity to relocate into one of the other three offices, which would expand the teams currently supporting the company’s valuations operations.