The Credit Union National Association and the World Council of Credit Unions kicked off America’s Credit Union Conference and the World Credit Union Conference, which the two entities are co-hosting in Denver this year.

The conference runs from July 12-15, and keynote speakers include Alan Mulally, the former president and CEO of Ford Motor Company, and Luke Williams, executive director at the NYU Stearns School of Business and a fellow at frog. 

The conference is covering a wide breadth of topics, including the Credit Union Risk-Based Capital Study Act of 2015 (H.R. 2769). 

The National Association of Federal Credit Unions said that it supports the legislation since it will stop the National Credit Union Administration from moving forward with their second risk-based capital proposal until completing and delivering to Congress a thorough study addressing NCUA's legal authority, the proposal's impact on credit union lending, capital requirements for credit unions compared to other financial institutions and more.

Here are a couple of tweets on RBC2 at the conference:

And a few others on the conference overall:

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