As a champion of the customer experience, Crowley said, “Doing the right thing helps us continuously improve and deliver superior customer service, something we’ve focused on since we opened our doors for business 58 years ago.

“We involve customers in our product development process. And we use our sales team as our eyes and ears to make sure we understand what’s important to the customer, so we can determine if there is a way we can help them be more successful,” she said.

Miosi sees that depth of experience developed from tenure contributes to doing the right thing. “We think long-term because we live with our decisions — the loans we insure — for a long time.

“Our veteran co-workers understand that what may feel right today may not be right for tomorrow. Having an appreciation for that is a great asset for our customers. They may not always agree with us, but I think they respect what we’re doing and why.”

Hughes is keenly aware that he is part of a bigger picture. “Our underwriting and customer service teams, our claims and servicing liaisons act as a bridge between our customers and our corporate headquarters. Every facet of the process is vital,” he said. “Our customers have come to expect that our responses will be well-thought-out, while also keeping their short- and long-term interests in mind.”


Miosi attributes MGIC’s current status and how today’s leadership team developed to CEO Pat Sinks’ forethought.

Sinks, who has been with MGIC for 36 years, said, “We were going through some pretty interesting times in 2007, 2008, 2009. As the foreclosure crisis was unfolding and we kept paying claims, our capital was shrinking rapidly. It was imperative to look further ahead.”

In early 2013, Sinks formed a business strategy team. “I wanted them thinking about our strategy for the next two years. It would have been much easier just focusing on the fire at hand — our core business,” Sinks said.

With the push from Sinks, Miosi said, “The team saw how we needed to reorganize and figured out the resources we needed to draw from,” he said.

“MGIC welcomes the opportunity to discuss new ideas or approaches about lending. And we bring a balanced approach to them — that is, we bring an open mind and creativity, but are using our experience as a road map for the future.

“Pat’s proactive thinking set us up well for success. His leadership has set the stage well for the coming years,” Miosi said.