The residential real estate market is moving at a strong pace, with a greater percentage of markets expected to increase in value over the next year, increasing to 86% from last quarter's 82%, according to the latest VeroFORECAST from Versos Real Estate Solutions.

The national forecast grew to 3.2% annual appreciation, increasing over the previous rate of 2.4%. This marks the eleventh consecutive quarter in which the index has shown forecast appreciation, with the pace now indicating an upward trend. 

“We continue to see the same factors influencing the appreciation or depreciation of residential markets across the country,” stated Eric Fox, Veros’ vice president of statistical and economic modeling and developer of VeroFORECAST. “Unemployment rates, housing supplies, and population trends remain the primary factors affecting the housing market. Their impact is clearly reflected in the market forecasts for these coastal areas,” he continued. 

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Source: Veros