The Mortgage Bankers Association has a round-up of the top single-family rental and apartment owners, and what it shows is that single-family rental ownership is largely not an institutional phenomena.

Citing the American Housing Survey, MBA notes that more than 14 million single-family homes in the U.S. were renter-occupied in 2013. This represents about 12% of the entire U.S. housing stock, or one-in-eight U.S. households, and more than one-third of the rental housing stock.

“Despite the attention to it, institutional ownership (of single-family rentals) appears relatively under-developed, particularly when compared to the multifamily market,” MBA’s report says. “Comparing large single-family rental owners to large multifamily owners, only two single-family rental owners would rank among the top 50 apartment owners in terms of the units owned.”

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(Source: MBA)

They note that together the top-five single-family rental owners own approximately 108,000 units, or less than 1% of all single-family rental housing.

“Institutional interest in single-family rentals has helped open the door to new types of mortgage lending for owners of all sizes, including securitizations of mortgages,” the MBA report says.