Rather than trick anyone with an impossible product or pull a mischievous joke on its users, Google Maps’ April Fools’ Day joke put a new twist on the day's classic jokes.

For those who use Google Maps to take a look at neighborhoods and properties, you may have noticed a Pac-Man button in the left hand corner at the bottom of the map.

Click it and you will get something like this; in this case a map of the French Quarter in New Orleans:

Pac Man French Quarter

And, yes the online search engine can superimpose the classic video game Pac-Man on to various cities across the world.

While it is fun to choose random cities across the world to mess around in, an article in The Guardian created a list of the 9 best cities to play Pac-Man in, levels included.

Levels one and two might not come off as a surprise, but it’s level four that stands out.

You would expect nothing less from the creators of the game than to make their own Google headquarters a top spot to play:

Level 4: Googleplex, California

“Can you score 10^(10^100) points?” Following this particular clue leads to the so-called Googleplex in California, corporate headquarters of the tech giant. Not the most exciting map to play on, but you can imagine the fun the engineers had coming up with this.

And for an added teaser, while levels one through eight might make sense, give level nine a shot.

It’s in the United States, though not where you would expect it to be, and according to the article, is a challenge only for veteran arcade gamers.