United Wholesale Mortgage announced the launch of its own loan origination system EASE after almost a year of developing plans began. 

The lender’s in-house team of more than 150 IT professionals created the completely customized technology, replacing its old LOS for one that offers more benefits from its brokers and correspondent partners.

“We spent significant time and money to develop this technology, which was done exclusively to benefit our brokers and correspondents. We want to be the most service-focused wholesale lender in the country. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology is a big part of the value we deliver to our partners,” said Mat Ishbia, president and CEO at UWM.

Ishbia explained in an interview with HousingWire that he expects 2015 to be the best year for UWM, noting that the efficiency and easy use of the tool will help be a driver of that growth.

He emphasized three things that make EASE different:

  1. EASE has a full use mobile app that is tied into it, allowing brokers to lock loans and everything else.
  2. U Track: A tool in the website that gives the broker the ability to give their borrower tracking for where their loan is at in the process. It gives borrowers enough information to know the status of their loan and even puts the brokers name on it rather than UWM.
  3. U Connect: UWM services most of the loans. With this tool, when a borrower pulls their credit, UWM pushes the borrowers back to the broker. Brokers can feel comfortable that we aren’t going to steal their customers.

The Troy-Michigan-based lender is one of the biggest brokers in overall volume and took and undertook the unusual feat of making its over LOS despite all the platforms already available.  

“We didn’t want to just purchase a commercially available loan origination system, as many of today’s systems fall short from the high expectations of UWM. We attempt to always deliver above and beyond technology and the only way to do that was to build it ourselves,” said Justin Glass, chief digital officer at UWM.

Other unique features include:

New EASE functionality:

  • Drag and drop documents for uploading
  • Change of circumstance automation
  • Pipeline alerts - expiring lock and problem upload notifications
  • Drag and drop 3.2 files to auto fill out EQ scenario
  • Simplified guideline platform - search all GSE’s, UWM overlays and UWM matrices at once
  • Pipeline filter and search functionality more robust

New EASE enhancements:

  • Screens load faster than ever before 
  • Selecting a product, MI and interest rate are done with a click of a button
  • All information within the 3.2 file carries over upon import
  • Loan number is assigned much sooner in the process. 
  • Date tracking displayed on one easy-to-read page for all dates
  • Auto assigning seller concessions will soon been added